Jay Bentley and Tom Wolfe Jay Bentley and Tom Wolfe

Titan Men has released scene 2 of their most recent film Shag, their homage to the late 60's. His hairy muscle chest peeking through his groovy printed shirt, Tom Wolfe comes home to a welcoming (Titan Men Exclusive) Jay Bentley - the two embrace in a passionate kiss as the bulges in their shorts grow. Tom's sizable cock jumps out of his shorts, and Jay can't wait to wrap his lips around it. Tom's hot-pink shaft getting slicker by the second - and excitedly snaps up when released from Jay's mouth. Tom guides the sucker up, his boner grazing Jay's chest as he rises. Tom turns him around, his dick pulsing as he eats Jay out. Tom fucks him from behind, the bottom reaching his arm back to guide him in. Jay gets on his back, Tom fucks him faster, two getting sweatier. Jay sits down on the hottie, the bottom's rock-hard cock bouncing up and down as he rides. Tom wraps his arm around his bod, Jay soon shooting a big stream of cum before the top bursts on his smooth back - then lays atop the bottom in a romantic final moment.

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