James Castle Fucks Sam Barclay in the Shower James Castle Fucks Sam Barclay in the Shower

James Castle conceals himself in the shadows and peeks through the bathroom door, which is cracked enough to give him a good sight line of Sam Barclay lathering up in the shower. Sam doesn't know he's being watched. As Men at Play's Watching & Waiting unfolds, we never find out whether Castle is supposed to be in this suite or not. Is he Barclay's lover home from work? Is he the hotel concierge peeping on his favourite guest? And what happens next doesn't give us much more of a clue.

I've hand a longstanding question about these Men at Play scenes: Who the hell is their dry cleaner and do they have a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy? I mean every week another suit comes in with the ass ripped out of it or covered in lube and cum or the knees of the trousers are soiled from some glory hole cock-sucking scene. Maybe Men at Play has found a gay dry cleaner and they pop him a courtesy membership to avoid any weekly unpleasantness or explanations. I do worry about the silliest things sometimes, don't I?

So back to Sam in the shower. When he finally sees James standing in his bathroom, he doesn't seem over phased by it, as if there are always businessmen hanging around steaming the wrinkles out of their suits or something. When James comes closer, Sam grabs him by the tie and pulls him in. They kiss. Then James, still wearing his suit, squats and gulps Sam's cock. James does eventually peel off his suit, but not until it's good and wet and he's had his dick sucked.

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