Jake Bass and Justin Matthews Passionately Flip Fuck Outdoors Jake Bass and Justin Matthews Passionately Flip Fuck Outdoors

Cocky Boys, the 2014 XBIZ Gay Studio of the Year winners, are hard to fault. Their productions are always first rate, professional, both sexy and sensual, and highly erotic - all at the same time! And this latest release, starring the gorgeous Jake Bass and the equally handsome Justin Matthews in a passionate outdoor flip fuck, is just about as good as it gets!

We catch up with the guys outdoors on a warm sunny day, holding hands and kissing, as they make their way to a beautiful outdoor setting. There's a couch on the patio, looking very inviting, as if it was just waiting for them, and they quickly make full use of it, as Jake gets Justin's pants off while kissing him before moving down lower where he finds a hard cock which is just begging to be sucked. His oral skills are evident as he deep-throats Justin's cock, while squeezing on his balls. Then Jake stands up and unzips his pants and his own hard cock is soon being enveloped by Justin's moist mouth and lips.

Next we catch up with them a bit later, and Jake is on his hands and knees and being fucked by Justin - the looks on Jake's face, and his moans and groans, suggest he is totally getting off on the anal intrusion! Justin's strokes are long and slow, and he bends down to passionately kiss Jake's back as he fucks his partner's arsehole. We get some great views of the fucking action, Jake's hole as it is getting plowed, and also Justin's hole, which is about to get some action in return! The guys flip and Jake enters Justin, and as we watch his cock it begins its rhythmic fucking action, the look on Justin's face is one of pure ecstasy.

A good flip fuck is hard to beat, and these two guys sure know how to put on a great show, and both genuinely seem to enjoy both giving and receiving. The final sequence will really help get you off too, as Matthew lies on his back, Jake is pounding his hole and jacking his cock at the same time - then, as Matthew takes over the jacking, Jake pulls out, removes the condom, and spews his cum load all over Matthew's belly at the exact same time as Matthew's load erupts from his own cock - the loads mixing together as the guys lean in together for that last passionate post-orgasmic kiss!

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