Jace Tyler Loves His New Toy Jace Tyler Loves His New Toy

Jace Tyler is one handsome and fit young man. He's just finished a workout session in his gym and goes into the locker room to get changed, and luckily it's empty, as this guy is HORNY! The UK Hot Jocks cameras are there and we get to see what this young man is so excited about!

He starts getting his gear off, sensuously rubbing himself all over, getting turned on by his own super-fit body, and he even slides his shorts aside so that his balls pop out into full view. His cock is tenting his sports shorts, and he is soon totally naked and stroking his hard uncut cock, all the while sniffing his own underwear. He lies back down on the bench and strokes his raging boner, then lifts his legs up and plays with his twitching hole. His locker is right next to him, so he leans over and opens it and removes his new toy, a big, fat 9 inch black dildo. The thought of using this on himself is what he's been thinking about all day and he inserts it deep into his arsehole in one smooth stroke - wow, was this guy ready for it or what! He pumps it in and out, even using the heel of his foot to tap it in as deep as possible! Then he takes the toy and puts it upright on the bench and sit right back down on it and rides it like it was a bucking bronco until he feels he's ready to cum. He moves down onto the floor, lies back and jerks his cock and fingers his hole until the juices flow all over his washboard abs. The smile on his face at the end shows us that Jace is now one very happy young man and we also know how much he loves his new toy!

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