"It Doesn't Even Fit in my Mouth." "It Doesn't Even Fit in my Mouth."

George is a sly fucker. He sees this guy walking with a motorcycle helmet in his hand and starts the conversation there, you know, one enthusiast to another. Under the ruse of filming a documentary about motorcyclists, he invites the lad for a drink. He likes talking to young guys about their hobby and what they do to finance it. "Where is that line they would not cross?" George wonders. Come inside and see how much money this young biker needs to get on his knees.

I haven't visited Czech Hunter in a long time, probably a couple of years, so I dropped by today. I wouldn't have even been surprised to learn that George had been thrown in jail for being a public nuisance. He's always hounding young men at the train station, the tram stop, the park, anywhere he can really. And not only that, but he quite often gets them on their knees in the local parks, washrooms, and anywhere he can really. But no, today, when I checked in on the horny perv he's still at it.

And so it begins, 1000 koruna to go arouud the corner and show George his cock for 30 seconds. (That's about $40 US.) "It's a bit strange," Pavel says, but he can't take his eyes off the several dozen purple bills that George is waving around. Then, "I might do it for one of those green ones." (That's 2000 Koruna -- Pavel is a negotiator.) After seeing the lad's uncut wiener in the laneway, George proposes a 5000 Koruna blowjob. Pavel furrows his forehead, thinking about the offer. "What about 8000?" George offers. Finally, George sweetens the pot with 10,000 Koruna, "Okay, but I want the money in advance," says the guy. "Pfft," George says and counts out 10 bills.

They head off to a park and George pulls his already-hard cock out of his jeans. "Oh shit," the guys says. "It's huge." (I wouldn't say huge, but I guess for a tiny guy like Pavel who apparently isn't accustomed to having a dick in his mouth, it might be considered huge.) He says he's having second thoughts, but reluctantly kneels, then after a couple of gulps, "It doesn't even fit in my mouth." The lad does his best, then after a couple of minutes George says that he has a better idea: "What if I offer you much more money, would you let me fuck you?"

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