Issac Jones Does First Bareback Scene Issac Jones Does First Bareback Scene

French stud Issac Jones is the latest gay porn star to go bareback. He's appearing in Lucas Entertainment's ninth raw fucking video and he's flip flop fucking with Robin Sanchez. Jones is on the street cruising for sex when Sanchez comes strutting down the street; and after swapping looks, Jones follows him. After a little cat and mouse walk through the neighbourhood, Robin finally stops so Issac can catch up. "You want fuck me?" he asks in broken English.

The two men end up back in Jones' hotel suite and don't waste any time with small talk. They kiss passionately as they strip out of their clothes. Most of the other Lucas Entertainment bareback fuck videos have jumped right into the anal, but this one's different with lots of necking, dick sucking, and Issac rims Robin's big beefy ass for a long time. Jones sits back in a chair and Robin mounts him and sits on his erection. It's a good thing that Jones has a long cock because Sanchez has a big meaty ass and a man needs a big dick to push through those mounds of flesh.

After riding Issac's cock, they head for the bed and Sanchez gets drilled doggy style. But he's in the mood for fucking, too, and pumps Jones doggy style as well. Then the muscle hunk lies back and lets Issac do all the work riding his fat raw cock before the Frenchman barebacks his hole some more. Jones cums all over Sanchez's butt hole and Robin spunks his abs, but Jones does one last thing before sending this afternoon trick on his way: he licks up Robin's jizz and gives him some hot cummy kisses.

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