Inked Bad Boy Gets Punished Inked Bad Boy Gets Punished

Alcohol is strictly forbidden at Boys Halfway House, but that doesn't stop the residents from trying to sneak it into their bedrooms. Danny "hid" a bottle of booze in his underwear drawer, but it was a sloppy cover-up job and was dead easy to spot when the supervisor did his routine room search. Come inside and see what Danny gets for punishment. 

Danny was downstairs sitting at the dining room table when the house manager found him. He gets his pretty face slapped, then the supervisor empties the vodka bottle on his head. Danny's got more punishment coming, but the manager grabs his ear and pulls him to the shower to wash away the stink of vodka. The surly custodian orders Danny onto his bed and pulls out his healthy-sized dick, ordering the lad to "open wide."

Lying back on the bed, Danny gets his throat fucked, then he has to hold his ass cheeks while the supervisor mounts him and slides inside. It's tough going, that cock is thick. Later, while lowering himself on the supervisor's cock, an "this dick feels great" look washes over Danny's face, then he realizes that he's supposed to be hating this, you know, because he's a straight guy who has never had a dick up his ass. Oh well, who cares. It's a nice cock, so who can blame Danny for enjoying it. Danny is a sexy fucker and whether he likes it or hates it, he takes all of the manager's cock and gets his mouth filled with cum too.

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