Hypnotized by this Cock-and-Tongue Game Hypnotized by this Cock-and-Tongue Game

My cock doesn't very often get hard when I'm watching porn for work. I see an awful lot of porn in a day, so it really takes a scorcher to get me chubbing up. Several minutes into watching this new threeway at Lucas Entertainment I started thinking, "Have I put on weight? These shorts are feeling tight." Then I realized I was bone hard.

Then the argument started. You've got to do something about that. No, you've got to get this post written. In the end, you know the little devil whispering in my ear won. It had been a lot of days since I last jacked off -- I don't remember how many -- so there was a very large pool on my glass-top desk.

I don't know if Lucas Entertainment is getting better at making bareback porn, or whether they've been picking better guys, or maybe it's a bit of both, but they've been on fire lately. Hands down, Cam Christou's last scene with Brent Alex was one of the hottest things I've ever seen. The close-ups of him teasing Alex's hole got me gushing hard. (You can read my post: I Sure Wish Producers Made More Gay Porn Like This.)

This threeway was just as exciting. But these three men fit together like a tightly wound rope and each seemed to know exactly what to do at precisely the right moment. I won't drone on with all the details, I'll let you discover them for yourself. But there was one sizzling bit I want to highlight. Cam Christou mounts Nigel Banks, who is lying on his back with his legs around Cam's sides, and BJ Rhubard kneels behind Cam licking his cock while it's slowly sliding in and out of Nigel's hole. Fuck!

But that wasn't even the hottest bit. Cam pulls out and swirls his cock around Nigel's hole and ass cheek and BJ's tongue chases after it wanting another lick. Cam shoves his dick in BJ's mouth for a couple of pumps, then back to swirling and teasing, then he slides it into Nigel's hole. I don't know how long this cock-and-tongue game went on -- I was mesmerized, or was I hypnotized? -- but I was insanely horny when they were done and that's when the spillage accident happened on my desk. I'm definitely going to be watching this one a couple more times this week.

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