Hunter Marx and Nick Prescott Hunter Marx and Nick Prescott

Handsome Hunter Marx gets distracted by the sultry eyes and hot bod of a lounging Nick Prescott (both Titan Men exclusives), who is drawn in for a hot and hairy flip fuck and show us how to Shag like 1969 never went out of style. Sharp-dressed Hunter Marx enters the living room - his attention diverted out the window, where Nick Prescott lounges in the pool in the afternoon sun. Eyes connect, smiles exchanged, and the clothes are shed. Hunter draws Nick into the living room, for a kiss, their cocks rubbing together. Hunter spits on Nick's slab before teasing it with his tongue - then takes it in, his own dick throbbing below as he sucks. Nick grips his own balls and feeds them to the hungry sucker, then is on his knees to get his own turn at Hunter's thick cock. Hunter bends over the couch, his hairy hole eaten by the scruffy-faced hunk - who whips his dick on Hunter's ass. He fucks him from behind, slapping the bottomís ass. Hunter turns the tables, fucking Nick doggie-style before turning him over to plow him deep. Nick strokes his cock as he gets plowed, his hand sliding against Hunterís hairy stomach before the two blow their loads.

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