Hunter Marx and Dallas Steele Flip-Flop Hunter Marx and Dallas Steele Flip-Flop

Hunter Marx and Dallas Steele are out for their daily jog, each bare chested and wearing red shorts and white socks and sneakers. The thing is that they're not running together, but separately, and toward each other. And as they finally meet up and pass, they catch each other taking a rear-view look, so they stop and introduce themselves. And after a few seconds of chit chat, they're heading off to Marx's place for a cool-down swim. Come inside and see the preview or watch them fuck at Titan Men.

Break a Sweat is a new DVD from Titan Men, and it's only Dallas Steele's second video with the company. He did a flip-flop scene with Dirk Caber in Blue Ballers, and his latest also has him topping and bottoming. Do you like versatile men? I'm a bit comme ci comme ça about it. I'm not the least bit versatile, so when I see a silver daddy like Dallas Steele -- someone who I really get off thinking about pounding me into the mattress -- I'm not all that interested in watching them getting fucked. I want to watch their style and technique as a top because it fuels my fantasies all the more.

Hunter and Dallas head into the bedroom after toweling off outside. They fall onto the bed and get into some heavy necking and dick sucking. After giving Hunter a long head session, Dallas settles between his legs and slides his boner inside and starts pumping. Hunter throws his leg over Dallas' shoulder and enjoys the slow drilling. Then Dallas sits back on the edge of the bed and Hunter rides him in reverse. I enjoyed this position a lot because there's a closet with mirrored doors in front of the bed, so we can simultaneously Dallas' facial expressions while Hunter bounces on his dick. But if you like versatile men, Hunter takes his turn on top next.

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