Hot Muscle Daddy Fucks Frisky Twink Hot Muscle Daddy Fucks Frisky Twink

Hairy, muscle-daddy Mickey Collins from Hot Dads Hot Lads is out on the patio and he's joined by the smooth, young twink Derek Scott. The two guys are both horny, and more than a bit frisky, and it's not long before both are sporting raging boners in their pants.

Derek gets up and moves behind Mickey's chair and starts to give the older man a shoulder massage. His young hand's naughtily move downwards and before long Mickey's shirt is off and Derek is rubbing the older man's strong, hairy chest as the muscle daddy rubs his own rock-hard cock thru his shorts. Derek then leans forward and starts rubbing that hard muscle too, and Mickey is soon totally naked with Derek's now mouth ably sucking on his cock. Then Mickey directs the younger man to strip naked too and the men kiss while their hands explore and play with each other's bodies before Mickey drops to his knees and takes Derek's boner into his mouth for some much appreciated oral attention. But it's really the twink's arsehole that Mickey really wants, and soon he rubber's up and inserts his cock into the twink's tight little hole and starts to fuck him like the pro he is - and amazingly we get to see the twink's cock dripping copious amounts of pre-cum while he's getting his hole fucked - he's THAT turned on by the experience! The guys continue to fuck in several positions before Mickey orders to Derek to sit on the chair with his legs up against his chest and Mickey hammers his arse until both guys shoot their loads and find themselves covered in cum and all sweaty and out of breath!

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