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Hot Dads Hot Lads debuted in the middle of October 2013, and it features mature men 30 to 45 years old in sex scenes with younger guys in their early to mid-twenties. The site is produced by Jake Cruise, an experienced porn daddy and director.

The "dads" are men in their thirties and forties; they're usually quite masculine and muscular and a mix of hairy and smooth. Most of these older men are well-known gay porn performers like Brad Kalvo, CJ Madison, Shay Michaels, Anthony London, Trenton Ducati and Rogan Richards, to name a few, but there are some sexy newcomers like Matt Stevens and a couple of men that I had never seen before. The "lads" are younger guys in the early to mid-twenties, not twinks but not really jocks either, although there are some jock types. Mostly they're just regular guys with fit to athletic bodies, mostly smooth, many with cute faces and butts. And many of the lads are also well-known in gay porn - guys like Alexander Greene, Joey Cooper, Dylan Knight, Mike De Marko, and Marko LeBeau

Hot Dads Hot Lads puts these older men and younger guys in hardcore suck and fuck action in the locker room, classroom, office, showers and the bedroom. Sometimes there's a brief storyline like a football player who fucked up in the game and has to make it up to the coach or an athlete who comes to see the coach about a leg injury; earlier scenes don't have any storyline, just guys making out and fucking on a bed. And the action often sees the dads fucking these lads, but there are quite a few where the dads get fucked, too, and there's the odd flip-flop session plus one threeway with two older men playing with a younger guy. Of the four newest scenes produced for the site, two take place in a back yard, one takes place in a bedroom and one takes place on the couch.

Hot Dads Hot Lads is a bit of different membership concept, so I'll talk about that first. You can buy a regular monthly membership that allows you to stream the videos with unlimited viewing and no DRM. If you want to download the videos, you have two options: you can download them to your computer or you can store them in the site's cloud, which they call "The Stash." But you have to buy credits to use either of those two options. Once you stash a video, you own it and you can stream it from any device you want: your computer, cell phone or tablet. You can watch the stashed videos as many times as you want, even after your standard monthly membership has expired.

You can join the site using the monthly membership option, which allows you unlimited streaming of all the videos or you can buy a package of credits that you can use to download specific movies. Credits start at $9.99 for 20 credits and run up to $69.99 for 200 credits. Downloading a movie to your computer will cost between 5 and 6 credits, while stashing it in the cloud will cost 3 credits per movie.

There are 92 streaming videos that play at 900x500 and come in MP4 format. There are three resolutions available, as well as a full-screen mode which is pretty good. The downloadable videos come in one size, 1920x1080, they're MP4s, as well. I found them quite large to play on a regular computer screen, but the QuickTime player has options to downsize them. The "stashed" videos play in the same size as their streaming counterparts, and like them, there's a full-screen mode, which didn't suffer much loss of quality, if any.

Each episode has a picture gallery that is a combination of digital photos and a few screencap action shots. They display at 640x900. There are no thumbnail galleries, and I didn't like this because a gallery opens with the first picture in a slider and then you either manually navigation through the pics one by one or you use the hands-free slide show feature.

While the content here is hot, the site has stopped updating, and this leads me to the negative side of this review. All of the videos from this site have appeared on Jake Cruise, the producer of this site. The latest scenes on Hot Dad Hot Lads are fresh scenes, so it's not like Jake Cruise has just grabbed a bunch of old videos and launched a new site, but there is some overlap between the sites. However, unless you have been a member of Jake Cruise before, you would never have known had I not told you, and Jake himself does not appear in any of these Hot Dads Hot Lads episodes. One last issue is that there's a pre-checked offer on the sign-up page that, if left checked, will sign you up for an additional member site when you join this one.

I like Hot Dads Hot Lads. The concept of mature men having sex with younger guys isn't a new one, but this site has some really hot pairings with sexy daddies and horny admirers. The later episodes with the coach-athlete theme are my particular favorites, and I also enjoyed watching some of the lads fucking the dads - sometimes daddies like to get fucked, too. Downloading movies to a cloud is a new and interesting idea for me, but I wasn't as happy about paying to own or download the videos. There are 92 videos you can stream or pay to download or own, but sadly the site has ceased updating. Still, Hot Dads Hot Lads is nicely designed and easy to navigate, and there's enough to keep members busy for a month.

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