Horny Bear Men Fuck in Fiveway Horny Bear Men Fuck in Fiveway

When military bears Bearsilien and Bo Francis come on scene, they find three of their buddies fucking. Actually, they've caught the end of this threeway which was featured on Bear Films a few weeks back. Sam Wyze has his boots on Guy English's shoulder and the bald daddy is pumping hole, meanwhile bearded Joe Hardness is stuffing his big meaty cock down Sam's throat. The two late comers start necking with each other, strip out of their military gear, and join their three naked buddies.

I've often said here on GayDemon that orgies are only fun if just go with the flow. If you see a nice cock, suck it, if there's a hole in front of you, fill it. If you're a picky princess looking for Prince Charming or the finest fuck of the century, you're going to miss out. Or, if you're standing in a corner worrying, "Does my ass look fat?" then an orgy probably isn't the place for you. No, you do what Bearsilien and Bo do, they warm each other up and push their dicks into the the crowd. There's no need to be bashful, everyone's here for the same reason. And tomorrow in the grocery store, you can pretend you didn't have your tongue buried in that daddy's ass -- or maybe you pick him up and go for another round.

Guy English does a lot of fucking in this fiveway and he's my favourite. He's the bald daddy, bearded with a some ginger still on his chin and moustache and he's packing a meaty uncut cock. When the scene opens, Guy is screwing Sam, but he also ends up fucking Bo, the big-bellied silver daddy, while Bearsilien fills Bo's mouth. After fucking the cum out of Bo, Bearsilian takes his spot and lies back and Guy fills his throat. And with the others watching and urging him on, Guy finally unloads all over the bear's big hairy belly.

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