Halloween Vampires Halloween Vampires

Happy Halloween. Jason Sparks Bareback Road Trip has taken a scary turn in honour of the holiday. They normally film their fuck sessions in a motel room somewhere or another, but they have gone all out with this special edition called Halloween Vampires. Sexy blond bottom Zack Grayson has discovered that there's something creepy waiting for him in this abandoned warehouse.

Zach has found a derelict warehouse and he's hanging out and talking to a buddy on the phone. "This is the coolest place, you have to check it out--" A noise from the darkness cuts him off. He stands and looks in the direction of the noise. "Hello?" he calls out. Jack Hunter and Scott DeMarco are a couple of vampires who live in this warehouse and this stranger has disturbed their make-out session. They aren't thirsty for blood, they're hungry for fresh cock, so they head off to investigate.

Jack and Scott emerge from the darkness and move in on Zack, they surround him and entrap him against a pillar. Jack is presses against Zack nuzzling his neck while Scott squats and gulps Zack's dick. Who knew that vampires were so hung, but this pair have a couple of big stakes. Jack bends Zach over and plunges his huge cock inside the lad's ass, meanwhile Scott grabs Zack's head and makes him feed on his meat. They take turns and swap back and forth, and by the end of this spit roasting, Zach will discover that vampire cum has special powers.

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