Hairy Italian Man Krisztian Loft Hairy Italian Man Krisztian Loft

Krisztian Loft headed to London for the first time from his native Italy. He doesn't speak much English, but he still managed to land himself a gig at Butch Dixon. How much English does a hot hairy man like this need to speak? Just pop off a couple of naked pics to Butch Dixon and say, "I want to jack off," and I'm sure Butch was falling all over himself to get this Italian stud in the studio.

Krisztian is also a complete sub bottom. He loves been ordered around, told what to do, and he loves the taste of cum. He's got a considerable piece of foreskin, like so many Italian men do, and after pulling and fingering it, he pumps his big-nobbed cock in his hand. And every once in a while, when a pearl of precum oozes out of his dick, he plays with it and smears it around his cock head, then licks his fingers clean. I'm hoping we're going to see this Italian bottom getting his ass fucked off by someone over at Butch Dixon, but for now, I'm happy watching him spilling his creamy load on his furry belly and eating his own spunk.

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