Guy Watching: Retina Display Guy Watching: Retina Display

The more pixels the better! Thank you, inventors of the retina display, for cramming more man flesh into my vision. Not that I have the sharp vision that could even tell the difference (sorry Apple). But more pixels equals more man so bravo.

And here's to semi-violations of privacy that allow moments of voyeurism to be documented. That moment where someone says "See that ass? I'm going to capture that ass with my portable pixel generating machine." And it's a genius machine that can cram a bubble butt into a jpg. Technology has come so far.

I'm more of a rear view voyeur personally. Not so much into risking being caught (or risking flirting even). Who wants to flirt with someone at the gym and be awkwardly rejected and have to deal with that person day after day? Or awkwardly accepted and have to awkwardly get married and have awkward sex 2.5 times a week.

It is fun to have 1/2 sex sometimes though. I think that's where he cums on your face while your sleeping. Also known as "last sex you'll ever have because WTF!?"

Only way I can follow that image is with big donger Alex Mecum topping a bearded bottom. The bottom keeps his sneakers on the whole time. How practical.

[Photos via For Voyeurs & Exhibitionists, NYC Hot Guys and Everyday Hotness]

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