Guy Watching: Jeepers Peepers Guy Watching: Jeepers Peepers

You know what's a good thing to do on the subway? Peep on guys and file away their images in your mind (or camera) as jerk off material.

Now does the guy in the middle (peeped on so efficiently that both ass and bulge were captured) want to be looked at? Pretty much anyone in short tights and a jacket wants to be both looked at and jerked off to. Those are damn slutty workout shorts. So tight that picking his pocket would basically be the equivalent of fisting.

Mr. Gladiator has traveled through time and found himself on a random subway car. But he's not here to remake events so all is right with the world. He's here to fuck it all up. He's ready for battle. Too bad he's going to succumb to bacteria when his dick rubs against the subway seat. Well it was either that or get killed by a lion in his own time.

But really, this is what happens when bachelorettes want a stripper at the last minute. I know for my bachelorette party (I'm gay but still hoping for one dammit) I want John Stamos as the stripper. And I want him to take the subway there. And I want to watch. I want a lot of things, apparently.

Do you say hi to hot guys you see in random places? One way to say hi is to fake secretly take a guy's picture. Meaning you make it obvious but pretend you're trying to not be obvious. If he doesn't punch you out, then maybe he's the one! If he does punch you out, well, you had it coming. Peeping is so romantic.

P.S. Hot guys in sneakers also do crazy shit like this.

[Photos via Men of the Metro]

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