Guy Watching: Dick Management Guy Watching: Dick Management

Do you have job experience in dick management? Perhaps you've ascended the ranks to be VP of Advanced Dick Management Logistics at a Fortune 500 company. Or maybe you're toiling as a Dick Management Assistant at pawnshop. Either way, you know the importance of dick management skills.

Take these guys for instance:

  • It takes a lot of skills to pack a dick into sweats like that. Just the right balance of intentionally sleazy vs. unintentionally obscene. Because an excuse of "What, I didn't even notice, officer" may be needed. Bonus points of wearing dark fabric to help obscure (but not entirely make invisible) any potential pre-cum stains.
  • Dick management in the shower is another animal. In this case, it's about being precisely 43% erect. Plump enough to show promise and unplump enough to make someone wonder "Damn if he's that big already and not even hard, imagine how he'll feel inside me!" Notice the perfect stream of water running down and off the dick. VP level there.
  • Then staying hard at a nude beach while taking a selfie is the ultimate in double exposure. It screams comfort and confidence. Plus his balls are resting nicely on a towel, rather than directly on the hot rock. Very attentive dick manager there.
  • Dick adjustment in public is a basic move. But acceptable. Should he get bonus points for getting caught or if he had managed to not get caught? Let's call it semi-self-conscious management of a semi. Junior executive material.
  • The first locker room guy is just letting it hang, with his hand close by as needed. Like he's a coach spotting his athlete during a tricky gymnastics move. A simple but time-honored tradition. Keep that hand close to the dick. You never know what's going to happen.
  • The last locker room guy's dick management is more basic. Groom. Face outward to expose maximally. Look down which allows others to spy without fear of being caught. And just look generally hot, dick included.

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[Photos via And One for Your Dreams, NYC Hot Guys and Public Boners]

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