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Sean Cody is one of the powerhouses among internet gay porn producers and one of the most focused; it features web-only productions, attractive amateur models and high quality production values. Sean Cody has arguably the best amateur models you'll find on any site. There are hundreds of names listed in the model menu - 1,048 of them at the present time - and they often add new models. The guys are mainly straight, from 18 to their early 30s, college or jock types with not too many tattoos. Almost none have appeared on other sites before, although some appear on other sites afterward. Many of the models back a few years did solos only, but a lot more of the guys are doing action scenes these days, and since 2011 those action scenes sometimes include barebacking.

Solos usually begin with some non-sex footage outdoors, often on the beaches near San Diego or showing the model (or sometimes models) playing various sports. They then continue indoors, usually comprising two sequences with a cumshot at the end of each. Most action scenes take place indoors; there are occasional threesomes and a few large groups, but duos predominate. Sucking, rimming and fucking are all on the menu. The guys generally do well, given that they don't have much - or any - experience with man-to-man sex, although popular guys may appear on the site repeatedly. The sucking and fucking are caught at a wide variety of angles thanks to really good camera work, and the scenes feature sizzling action.

Many of the guys have smooth or lightly hairy chests, muscular and ripped. Cock sizes are all over the map, although there are definitely some good-sized ones. And while the models from years ago tended to be clean-shaven, some of the guys now have trim facial hair that accentuate their good looks - some, like Daniel, are gorgeous and handsome while others, like Manny, are really cute. And that's not to say that there are some regular guy types to be found - there are plenty for you guy-next-door lovers.

Sean Cody now offers 2,151 exclusive videos; they are now adding a new video every other day, up from three updates per week on our last visit. The updates generally alternate; there's usually two action scenes and one solo scene added each week. The solo episodes includes a little info about the model - age, where he's from or other things about him. Or sometimes they work out or shoot a few hoops outdoor before things get started.

The newer videos - from mid-2013 on - are offered at good quality in MP4 format in four or five sizes, the largest of which is sized at 1920x0180 and the smaller versions are perfect for mobiles. The medium-aged videos are good amateur quality or better, and they're offered in QuickTime and WMV in four sizes, the largest of which is 1920x1080 or 960x540 and there are smaller M4Vs for mobiles. The oldest videos (think 2002) are offered in three or four sizes of QuickTime and WMV vids, the largest at 720x480, plus two smaller M4Vs for mobiles. All videos are DRM-free, downloadable full scenes, and they're all offered to stream at good quality in several resolutions, and the new, higher quality versions enlarge to full screen very well.

Every episode includes a picture set. The newer pics are sized at 1080x720 at very good quality, so it's hard to know whether they're digtital stills or screencaps; they are all horizontal. Older sets may contain either digital stills sized at 480x720 or screencaps at 579x326 or 450x306 at good amateur quality. The pics can saved individually, and you can navigate from pic to pic easily enough, but there are no slideshows or zip sets.

Let's talk about issues. First is the pre-selected offer on the drop-down menu on top of the billing page; make sure to change the drop-down to "No thanks, I'm not interested by this special offer" if you prefer not be be signed up for a second recurring site membership when you join this site. Next, trial members get limited access, although the terms do not specify exactly what those limitations are. With over 2,100 episodes listed, members can only navigate a few pages back or forward at a time. Good news, though, is that the site has added a search box. And while expected, the oldest videos are smaller and not as well-lit as the newer, but for their time they're still pretty good quality.

One last thing I want to address is the full page ad you land on when you first log into the site. It looks like a network home page, but all the sites listed you must join to enter. There's a link on the right on a green background that says "CONTINUE TO SEAN CODY", and beneath it is a box you can tick if you don't want to keep logging into the full page ad when you log in.

Sean Cody is still one of the best amateur and jock gay porn sites around. Its video catalog is huge (2,151 videos), and all the content and many of the models are exclusive. Production standards are high, and the hot, well-built guys featured are genuinely new faces. Viewing options are good, and videos can be downloaded, streamed or played on most mobiles; each comes with a set of pics. Updates are added every other day and, despite new ownership, the site still does almost everything right. Sean Cody offers the cream of the crop of America's amateurs producing bucket-loads of cream in hot solo and hardcore action for your pleasure.

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