Giving Off Sexual Signals

Hanging out in the backyard, Dario Beck leans back into the muscled arms of Landon Conrad, who reaches around to rub the dark-haired stud's hairy chest in TitanMen's latest, Signals. Dario rubs Landon's thick legs, arching back for a passionate kiss, Landon cradling Dario's head as they suck face. Landon reaches his hand into Dario's shorts to stroke his cock, which is soon buried deep into the hungry sucker's mouth. Landon nibbles his partner's foreskin, the two soon standing to kiss as Dario's boner grazes Landon's tight six pack stomach - the bulge in the jock's shorts growing. Landon's big cock pops into Dario's face, the two holding hands over Landon's leg as Dario sucks his buddy's fat dick. Landon turns Dario around to eat his hairy hole, grinding his big dick on it before sliding his cock inside Dario's tight hole. The top pounds Dario from behind, Dario then sits down on Landon's hard cock - staying hard as he rides it. Landon reaches around to stroke the stiff bottom, the two staring at each other and kissing as they fuck. They stand to stroke out their loads, Dario getting himself to the brink and releasing his hand as he squirts.

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