Get Your Fix Of Vadim Black Here Get Your Fix Of Vadim Black Here

Ayden Troy and Vadim Black only met each other a few minutes before they filmed this scene for Broke Straight Boys ... but that doesn't stop them from getting down and dirty and having some really hot gay sex ... not bad, for two straight boys!

Things start off with the lads helping each other to get naked, even exchanging a few kisses along the way! Then Ayden drops down to his knees and takes Vadim's gorgeous uncut cock into his mouth and starts sucking ... it's not long before it's rock hard, at which point they swap around and Vadim gets Ayden hard orally. Of course, this is all just the precursor to the main event ... Ayden fucking Vadim's deliciously tight, straight lad's arsehole! Ayden enters slow but steady, allowing Vadim gets used to his size ... but it's not long before Vadim is in bottom heaven and starts to beg Ayden to fuck faster and harder! Then Ayden flips Vadim over onto his back and slows the tempo down a bit and thrusts into him with longer, slower strokes until they can't take it anymore and both guys squirt out their warm semen loads all over Vadim's belly!

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