• Josh Long - Hot Furry Guy

    Josh Long - Hot Furry Guy

    If you like furry guys, you're going to love Josh Long in his new scene from Next Door Male. Lots of guys in gay porn shave their bodies, but not Josh. From his trimmed beard to his hairy armpits, from his furry legs and hairy butt and back, this sexy guy is au naturel. And he's packing a nice big hard-on between his legs. In this hot solo jack-off scene, Josh strokes his big dick, and you guessed it, he shoots a creamy load of spunk all over his furry belly.

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  • In Stubble-Related News...

    According to a recently released study on such things: "Stubble conveys maturity and manliness with less of the macho aggressiveness implied by a full beard." Guys with full beards were seen as better parents (tell it to Charles Manson, Jr.), but in terms of general attractiveness, some stubble is where it's at. One limitation of the study is that it didn't include gay men. But do we really need a study to tell us what we like?

    As stubble indicates a transition between smooth and bearded, let me take this time to support the TTB and the BTT communities. You may be familiar with FTM and MTF (as in female to male and male to female transgender/transsexual). But nobody ever makes visible the challenges and needs of the Twink to Bear (TTB) and Bear to Twink (BTT) communities. If someone in your life is transitioning between these gay cultural archetypes (and body types), please give that individual all the support in the world. And a gift card for Whole Foods. Everybody loves Whole Foods!

    Now, here's some stubble. And why these guys when there are hoards of naked stubble dudes out there? That's the point. There are hoards of naked stubble dudes out there. No study needed! Except the kind of study where you study each directly.


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  • Hairy Daddy Bareback Threesome

    View full video at M2M club

    Browsing through the videos over at Queer Pixels, I found this hot site called M2M Club. They feature amateur hairy men and bears from Buenos Aires in some hot and sweaty fuck scenes, and they throw some pretty wild gangbang parties. This scenes features one lucky bald bottom getting a spit-roast fucking from two very sexy bear men. It's a hot one! And gets a couple of WOOFs from me.

  • What Do These Two Men Have in Common?

    two different men

    Dicks? Nope. It's cut vs. uncut and up vs. down and smooth vs. hairy.

    Face? Nope. It's clean shaven vs. scruff and Sears catalog vs. alley behind Sears.

    Chest? Nope. It's button nips vs. gigantic nips and square pecs vs. flat pecs.

    Clothes? Nope. It's no top vs. denim vest and denim pants vs. no pants.

    Then what do these two men have in common? What? What? What!?

    Self-awareness. The power of self-awareness. Each knows who he is and what he needs. Which is to be a shameless exhibitionist. Mystery solved.

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  • The Dildo Salesman

    The Dildo Salesman

    Sexy bald and bearded hunk Matteo Valentin is playing a dildo salesman in this new scene from Butch Dixon. He's in Carlo Cox's office and he's trying to get Carlo to buy 4,000 of these long, double-headed dildos for his chain of sex shops. Carlo says that before he commits to that number that he'll need a demonstration, and Carlo plunks a bottle of lube on the desk.

    Matteo suggests that perhaps Carlo could commit to buying more units in exchange for a live demo. Carlo says, "We'll see". So Matteo strips off his suit jacket, slips out of his trousers and climbs up on the desk and slips the dildo inside his ass. "Can two people use this dildo?" Carlo asks. "Did you want to put the other end in your ass or help me out?" Carlo grabs the dildo and starts feeding it deep inside Matteo's hairy butt hole; "I'll help out," he says.

    Soon the dildo demonstration is over and Carlo is feeding his own big dick down Matteo's throat, then he climbs onto the desk and pumps Matteo's ass with his huge cock. Riding Cox's hard-on in a reverse cowboy, Matteo sprays his creamy cum load all over the boss's desk. How many dildos did Cox end up buying? Who cares? Matteo leaves the office a very happy bottom.

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  • Jake Genesis in the Locker Room

    Jake Genesis in the Locker Room

    Jake Genesis is a sexy hunk of man. And he's alone in the locker room in this Minute Man video from COLT Studio Group. Wearing black and blue latex football gear with black eye paint, athletic and hairy Jake couldn't look any hotter. And who wouldn't want to get tackled on the football field by this hunk?

    Jake unlaces his football pants and unleashes his throbbing cock. He takes his thick, meaty rod in his hand and slowly strokes for us. He rubs silicone lube all over his body and his muscles glisten. But Genesis doesn't just work his cock; he gives his fuck hole some attention and then grinds his lubed dick hard on against his football. And when he's ready to spunk, he uses his football as a landing pad and coats that thing with a thick load of jizz.

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  • Bearded Daddy Dicking Twink's Ass

    View full video at PhoeniXXX

    This video from PhoeniXXX will have you wishing you were a 19-year-old guy again. The blond guy in this video gives a beefy, bald daddy a hard time at the door. I don't know what this daddy wanted, but he had a clipboard in his hand. He goes back to his a car, pulls down his jeans, and jacks his cock. Then his fantasies run wild with what he'd like to be doing to this cute twink's ass. And if you've ever had a dirty-talking daddy running his mouth while fucking your ass, this video will get you pretty revved up!

  • Real-Life Lovers

    Real-Life Lovers

    I always find it hot watching a real-life couple fucking on camera. And this week Butch Dixon is bringing us Max Dunhill and Jason Proud, who have been lovers for quite some time.

    Both of these men have appeared a number of times on Butch Dixon, and a couple of years ago they had a sweaty outdoor threesome with a younger horny cub. But in this scene, lovers Max and Jason are letting us watch one of their horny outdoor fuck sessions.

    Max is a sexy muscle man with a big dick. He's pleased many men with it over at Butch Dixon, but now he's showing us one of the reason that he keeps Jason so happy. Jason Proud is pretty hung himself; in fact, I can't imagine anything hotter right now than being in between these hot men and having their cocks pumping my mouth and ass. After some hot head sessions back and forth, Jason gets down on all fours and his lover happily screws his beefy ass.

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  • Single Expression Man

    A single expression is plenty when it's this one. To be fair, it's possible there is evidence of a second expression here, though I think it's just him opening his mouth slightly in order to breathe. His tongue comes into play at one point, so it's debatable. Perhaps the Supreme Court will have to decide the count.

    Oh, wow - I just noticed that hat! Pardon me. I was distracted. As are most people who spend any time around him.

    single expression man

  • Shirtless Is the New Naked

    Working out on a mini-seesaw has been proven to activate the core muscles. The proof is this picture. And now, I present to you a long lecture on the importance of working out shirtless with an obvious erection:

    Work out shirtless with an obvious erection so voyeurs can stare at your muscles and bulge.

    This concludes my lecture. If you still have questions, consider the following addendum:

    If you must wear a shirt, wear it only briefly, then take it off slowly. If at the start of your exercise session, your penis is not hard, stare at your own body (thinking of yourself as exhibitionist and voyeur) until your penis complies with hardness. If your gym does not allow you to work out shirtless and with an erection, start a change.org petition. And in the meantime, wear a low tank top with the sides cut out. And wear shorts with no underwear. Cock ring optional. Or exercise outside by your own rules, AKA my rules.

    man working out in park