• Mating Ritual of the North American Daddy

    naked daddy

    Be very quiet. We're observing the North American daddy in his native habitat. Witness his lack of any visible emotion, allowing the viewer to project what he desires onto this blank male slate. Witness his lack of taste in decor, allowing the viewer to attempt to project disdain yet be distracted by the hairy chest, smooth crotch, shiny penis combo. Witness his feat of strength, doing a one handed balance on a rickety magazine stand or whatever the hell that is. Witness his watch telling us all that it's time to mate with daddy.

    Then witness the toilet after he's finished with you and you can't walk very well. Now get him the fucking newspaper and a cookie. Daddy likes the newspaper and a cookie. Preferably USA Today and oatmeal raisin. You've done it. You're Jane Goodall. Except she wouldn't have gotten him a cookie.

  • Bears & Bellies - Hump Day Hotties

    Bears & Bellies - Hump Day Hotties

    There have been a lot of big-bellied men hitting Bear Films in the past few weeks, so I thought it'd be a good subject for GayDemon's Hump Day Hotties post. Their latest episode features six horny bear men in a wet and sloppy gang bang with two cock-hungry bears taking turns lying back in a sling. One by one, the top men take turns stuffing their dicks into these two raw and spit-lubed fuck holes. And what could be hotter -- hairy men, big bellies, gang bang sex, and raw fucking.

    Mathias Cubst did a scene with Bear Films a few weeks back and he fucked a big-bellied bear and now it's his turn to bottom. Mathias and Ourson Swells (don't you love porn names?) start off necking, licking, and rubbing. Mathias is in his underwear and Ourson is bulging out of his jockstrap-- this bear has one major belly. After taking turns blowing each other, they head for the sling where Mathias settles back and gets his hairy hole dicked. It's a sweaty, hairy-pulling screwing session that leaves these bears drenched and covered in spunk.

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  • Hairy Buddies Fucking Poolside

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    Hank Lawton is a sexy man -- bald with a hairy beefy body and an ass that loves dick -- and he's a dirty-talking bottom. In this new Butch Dixon video, Hank and Christian Matthews are horsing around in a pool, and with Christian sitting on the edge, Hank helps himself to his buddy's dick. "That would feel good in my ass," Hank says. Christian bends Hank over and fucks him by the pool, then they head to a lounge chair for a deep ass pounding. And they're doing it raw, which is a departure for Butch Dixon. I think this is the site's third or fourth bareback fucking video.

  • Aybars Fucking Martin Mazza in Sexo en Barcelona

    Aybars Fucking Martin Mazza in Sexo en Barcelona

    I remember sexy bearded hunk Aybars from Raging Stallion's Arabian series of DVDs and I'm so glad to see him back in their new DVD called Sexo In Barcelona. And he's paired up with furry power bottom Martin Mazza.

    Mazza plays a tourist who is out photographing some of Barcelona's famous sites and Aybars approaches him. Mazza can't take his eyes off thus stud's muscular shoulders bulging out of his sleeveless shirt. After a bit of chatting, they head off to Aybars' place, which is conveniently around the corner. They jump into the shower to wash off the day's dirt and grime and get into passionate kissing and face fucking under the spray of water. They towel off and fall into a long fuck session on Aybars' bed.

    Aybars takes charge sucking Mazza's stiff cock and slapping his meaty ass. He slides his big hard-on up and down Mazza's furry ass crack and fingers his hole, teasing the bottom before finally shoving his erection inside. Aybars plunge fucks Mazza, pulling his dick all the way out and then driving it back in balls deep. On his knees, on this belly, and on his back with his legs in the air, Mazza gets his hole serviced by this sexy and skilled top. They fuck, sometimes slowly and other times frenzied like a couple of animals, and when they can't fuck for another minute, they squirt great gobs of cum all over Mazza's furry chest.

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  • Sleepy, Sexy, Smarty Bear

    Time for your topless physics lesson, courtesy of this ginger muscle bear. What a lovely man. As far as Klein bottles go, though, he neglects to point out that the object cannot actually be constructed in three dimensions, but is simply an approximation. Still, watching him trace the scarf edge and the bottle surface with his paw is a lovely exercise in maintaining simultaneous sexual and intellectual interest. So when you're on a date and a guy is boring you either sexually or intellectually, now you'll be able to tell the difference.

    Because don't we all ultimately want both? Plus the spiritual connection? Okay, totally not. Some guys just want sex with the sound turned down and mind turned down and everything turned down. And they find their matches. But some of us want a guy with a smart cock and a hung brain. So all you muscle guys out there, share your science knowledge and political insight and everything brainiac about you. Smart doesn't erase sexy. It enhances it. Though from my point of view, and I'm kinda smart I hope, if a guy is dumb, that does erase his sexy to me. But don't tell him that!

  • The Bestest Male Organism Ever

    Bask in this man's glory. Then back off because I want him, and like, probably maybe, he wants me maybe, like if he could see me or, like, if he's still alive or whatever or goes to my grocery store or wherever or stuff where our lives would intersect sometime or often. My point is, I want him. From his overpriced glasses to his underpriced tie. From his seductively tacky tan line to his tackily seductive bedding. From his giant 401k to his small dick. From his dainty smirk to his smirking taint. He's. All. Mine.

    Public Service Announcement: Is there someone not in your life yet but who you think / know / feel / believe / hypothesize should be all yours? Then say hello. For fucks sake, say hello. I'm serious. Say hello. Have I mentioned you should say hello. And ask him about himself. And say you think he looks good. And laugh if he makes you laugh. And suck his cock if you want to suck his cock and he wants you to suck his cock or just sit across from him jacking off if that's what you want to do instead and tell him that too. And be yourself. Because you can be with someone who you want to be with and who wants to be with you. Accept nothing less. And you may end up with the man of your "naked man except for a glasses and a tie" dreams. Only downside is he's going to make you pay to dry clean that tie after what happens to it. On an unrelated note, ties make interesting, though inefficient, cock rings, but better handcuffs. Yay ties!

    best man ever

  • Heath Jordan & Shawn Wolfe in Militia

    Heath Jordan & Shawn Wolfe in Militia

    New scenes from Raging Stallion's Militia keep rolling out and this week's scene is a hot hairy pairing. I've always enjoyed watching both Heath Jordan and Shawn Wolfe, they're a couple of sexy, bearded hairy men. But bringing them together in one hot fuck scene gets my dick throbbing on overdrive.

    Militia is one of those lame military movies where's there's not a whole lot of military action. Just a couple of men in camouflage pants and green army tank tops sucking and fucking on a box set up in front of some camouflage netting. But Jordan and Wolfe are so hot to watch that I really don't care about a story line and whether they look like real soldiers. Shawn Wolfe is a power fucker with a thick cock and he drills Heath Jordan's ass with fast, deep, and hard thrusts. Wolfe warps his fist around Jordan's jockstrap waist band and reins Jordan's ass, holding him steady while he pumps and thrusts into his meaty ass.

    Jordan lies back on the box, hikes his boot up on Wolfe's shoulder and prepares himself for round two of Wolfe's thrusting bonanza. I do love watching this sexy top man fucking ass and he sure does work up a sweat with his muscled body glistening. And he fucks and fucks until he finally needs to unload his nuts. With Heath spunking all over his belly, Shawn's exhausted cock spews his creamy load all over Jordan's beard and chest.

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  • High Art Meets Low Art

    fine art stud

    What the hell is happening here? I demand to know. His underwear is some kind of swatch he's using to determine the color of the moonlit water. Cerulean green? He's high art meets low art. He's nature meets fake nature. He's Jim. And after he's done with this painting, he'll fuck you in the ass.

    I want everything to do with him. Because he can paint without a palette. Where is the fucking paint? Or is he a painting?

    And why does the knot in the tree look like a scary angry surprised mouth with a nose and two eyes and Spock eyebrows above it? Is he painting the mystical glory hole tree of Albania? Will he let me do his laundry, like as a wife fetish thing?

    Why do I have so many questions? High art and low arts makes you ask questions. Just don't expect answers.

  • Marc Angelo Jacks Off

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    Marc Angelo is one handsome hunk of man with a beefy body and he showed up this week on Hairy and Raw. Jack-off videos can be a little ho hum, but the way this bear looks into the camera and talks dirty, well, it's like he was sitting on the couch right beside my desk giving me a hot, private jack-off show.

  • Jeremy Stevens Fucks Joe Parker

    Jeremy Stevens Fucks Joe Parker

    Hairy top guy Joe Parker has fucked a few guys over at Men Over 30, but when he reported to the set for a fresh fuck session, he said that he want to take his turn on the bottom. Jeremy Stevens is a sexy, blond hunk and Parker is thrilled to have this hung stud taking his on-camera cherry.

    Jeremy Stevens is a handsome, 37-year-old bearded hunk, standing 6 feet tall and packing a big dick. He eases Parker into his first bottoming scene by slobbering all over the stud's dick. After some passionate kissing and trading head in some cock thrusting 69 action, Stevens sits back on the couch while Parker mounts him and slides his stiff prick deep inside his ass. The guys get into some hot fucking standing up with Stevens holding his buddy in the air and pumping up into his ass. Then they settle down on the couch so Parker can wrap his legs around Stevens' hard-drilling muscular ass.

    Stevens drills his buddy's butt hole hard and jacks the bottom's big-nobbed dick until Parker spews a generous cum load all over himself. Then Stevens shows Parker's cum-soaked torso with his own load of jizz.

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