• Bald Straight Man's First Time

    guys swapping blowjobs

    Dirk is a sexy, bald man with a bodybuilder's physique, a hot bald head, a beard and a very hairy body. He wants to get into porn, straight porn. He's sitting on the Bait Buddies couch with Brian Bonds, who is already well established in the gay porn world. Dirk has shown up to do an audition before he does a scene with a chick, but the producer tells him that he can double his fee if he'll do a gay blowjob scene with Brian.

    Dirk barely even nods his approval and Brian jumps on him and starts kissing with him. You can see that Dirk is weirded out by this and tries pulling away. After they finally do a bit of kissing, Brian sucks Dirk's dick. It's a nice one, about 8 inches long, and this straight man enjoys the blowjob. He's coming around a bit to this guy-on-guy stuff.

    Then it's Dirk's turn to blow his new buddy. He's hesitant at first, but eventually does okay. He sputters and gags a bit when he deep throats Brian's cock, but doesn't seem to mind giving head as much as he thought. After Brian shoots his cum load all over Dirk's face and in his mouth, the producer asks, "So, how was it?" Wiping cum from his eyes, Dirk grimaces and doesn't really say anything. But the look on his cum-glistening face says, "Bleah, it's not for me".

  • My Neighbors Fuck on Camera

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    I love the dark-haired stud in this video from Wank Off World. He is such a hot fucker with a sexy beard and curly hair. And he's packing a fat piece of meat. His bald fuck buddy really knows how to take care of a dick with his mouth or his ass. And surfers are loving this one, too. It's one of the highest viewed videos on Queer Pixels this week!

  • Shawn Morales and His Magic Bulge

    Everyone else is talking about the new queens on season 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race (especially here in Seattle where finally one of our own made the show). But I'm all about Shawn Morales. No, he's not one of the queens. Rather, he's one of the two-man "Pit Crew" who act as Vanna White-like eye candy in different challenges and photoshoots. The camera knows just how to linger on the Pit Crew guys (the other being Jason Carter), showing them off in their standard outfit of underwear. Yes, just underwear. And Logo TV is not afraid to show some crotch jiggle, either. The underwear brands are featured so prominently that I expect there is a product placement deal, as in place product on bulge.

    The gossip is that Shawn had his gym membership revoked because of member complaints over his ripeness. So those of you who are into hairy, natural-smelling muscle dudes have a new icon. In advance of his crotch coming to you again each week starting January 28 (visuals only, not smell-o-vision), here are some shots of him outside of his normal Drag Race duties. I'd bring you his fellow Pit Crew member Jason Carter, but he hasn't exposed himself outside the show quite as widely as, to be clear, non-porn star Shawn.

    Shawn spends a lot of time in WeHo (as do many of the show's queens) if you're hoping to see him out and about. WeHo, btw, is the ancient Mayan word for West Hollywood.

    Shawn Morales

    Shawn Morales 2

    Shawn Morales 3

  • Grey Daddy Fucks his Bear Cub

    grey daddy and bear cub

    Trevor Belfast is a sexy, grey daddy. He's ruggedly handsome with a sexy silver goatee, and a very hairy body. He's lying back on his couch and pumping his girthy cock in his fist in this scene from Bear Films. When his bear cub, Knotty Cub, comes into the living room and says, "Watcha doing?" Trevor springs off the sofa and puts the moves on this beefy boy.

    Trevor and Knotty cub takes turns on their knees sucking dick. And daddy really likes swallowing his cub's meaty, uncut cock. Knotty Cub takes his turn on daddy's thick meat and when it's hard, the horny bottom bends over the sofa and daddy slips his erection between those big butt cheeks.

    Knotty Cub lies back and this grey-haired top drills his ass hard. This also gives us a chance to see Trevor from behind and he's got a very furry back and ass. When the men have had enough, they sit back on the couch and jerk their dicks together, spilling their cum loads all over each other.

  • My Straight Roommate

    straight guy fucks gay room mate

    Mike is a straight, Spanish muscle boy with some pretty hot ink. He's quite the exhibitionist and takes his naked, perfect body out on his balcony to watch the girls pass by on the street below. His cock gets stiff, so he heads inside to watch some titty porn and jerk his meat on the couch.

    His roommate, Damien Crosse, wakes up and stands quietly behind the sofa watching his straight roommate pounding his chubby. Damien picks up the stud's discarded underwear off the floor and snorts them like they're a bottle of poppers. These two roommates -- one gay, one straight -- have jacked off together before, so Damien feels pretty safe joining his buddy on the couch.

    But today Damien wants more than a wank. When he reaches over to grab Mike's stiffy, the straight guy pushes him away at first. When Damien persists, he jumps on top of him, grinding Damien's face into the sofa and yells at him. Mike's stiff dick is rubbing against Damien's hungry butt hole. Does he fuck his roommate's ass? I don't want to spoil the fun, but as you can see, Damien ends up with a load of spunk all over his face, and it's all caught on video by Stag Homme Studios.

  • Chaser Riding Thick Bear Cock

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    This cute chaser loves big bears. In this video from Bear Films he's found himself a hot bear daddy who happens to like boyish, skinny guys. And this bear knows how to tease this boy and gets him revved up. By the time this bear is done taking care of this bearded cub's cock, he's begging to go for a ride on daddy's hard dick!

  • Old Man Group Sex

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    There's a little something for everyone in this video from Male Junction. Eight men pile into a room where they start playing. There are three or four younger guys in their mid-twenties and thirties, and the five older, grey-haired men. Some of the guys are slender and fit and a couple of the older men have big bellies. The guys initially pair off into duos and threeways, but they all come together in the center of the room for a hot group fuck. A couple of the guys bend over and get their asses fucked while the others suck cock, kiss, and get the action pretty fired up.

  • Dirk Caber

    dirk caber

    I've been watching Dirk Caber for quite a while, since he first started doing gay porn really. He's a ruggedly handsome man with a strong and well-defined body and he usually wears a beard. (I did see him recently completely clean shaven and I didn't care for that look). Caber has been doing some work for COLT Studio Group recently and did a hot fuck scene for one of their latest videos called Fur Mountain.

    But right now we have Dirk Caber all to ourselves. He does some posing in his jeans and cowboy boots outdoors and teases us with his smokin' body. It's pretty hot out, so after working up a sweat, Dirk heads for the pool to cool down. But he ends up jacking his dick in the pool, so I don't know whether he's cooling down or heating up!

    After blowing his cum load, he'll get you all heated up when he licks his own creamy jizz from his fingers. I love watching a man chowing down on his own spunk.

  • Hairy Man Bob Hager Jerks in Pool

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    I can't think of a better way to start my day than watching sexy hairy hunk Bob Hager from COLT Studio Group jerking off in the pool. This masculine stud sits naked on a ledge in the middle of a pool and he's enjoying the hot sun beating down on his strong body while stroking his meat. This man sure is hot!

  • Full Service Massage

    Jessie Colter and Jessy Ares

    Jessie Coulter is tense and he needs a massage to loosen up. But lying on Jessy Ares' massage table would only serve to make me more tense and get me all hot and bothered. He's a hot fucking man -- handsome, well built, and hairy. Who could relax with his masculine hands working themselves all over your body?

    Jessie is clearly enjoying his rubdown, then the masseur whips out his big boner and says, "Wrap your fingers around it, boy. Let's get this party started". They start stroking each other, then Jessy asks, "You wanna suck it, don't you?" Jessie opens his mouth and the masseur slips his nob between this cocksucker's lips.

    But Jessie wants to do more than suck this beautiful dick. He gets on all fours and offers his butt hole, which the masseur licks before sliding his hard-on inside. Then Jessy lies back and this bottom rides his meat stick with his own stiff cock flopping around vigorously. And when they've both satisfied their urges, they spew their cum loads together.