• This Is What Motels Are For

    And by "this" I mean drunken self-exposure. Oh wait, it's not a selfie. Now who is taking this picture? I'm guessing the ice machine repair guy.

    Because when a guy buys a bottle of white wine at a gas station and takes it to a cheap motel off the interstate, then puts on his own bathrobe because the motel doesn't provide them, and then he walks down the hall of the hotel for a bucket of ice to chill the wine and the ice machine repair guy is wearing dirty overalls and cursing at the ice machine yet secretly praising it because it's only broken ice machines that allow him to earn a living, that guy (the bathrobe guy) is guaranteed to invite the other guy (the cursing guy) to his room for a glass of warm white wine. And what pairs well with white wine?


    motel exposure

  • Muscle Bear Fucks Daddy Ass

    Muscle Bear Fucks Daddy Ass

    When I first saw muscle bear Steve King I thought, "Oh man, I'd love to have this sexy man pounding away on my ass." Then I next saw him getting fucked. Damn! He's a bottom. Nothing wrong with that, but as a 100% committed bottom myself, another one doesn't do me a lot of good in the sack. Then I saw King over on Pantheon Bear fucking this daddy's ass and my fantasies revved up again.

    Steve King is one sexy fucker. He's ruggedly handsome with a hot trimmed beard, his body is covered in hair, and he's heavily tattooed. He's a man's man, a total masculine hunk, and who wouldn't want to spend a few hours rolling around a bed with him?

    Jake Shores is a grey bearded, bald daddy who loves getting his ass fucked. It's a hot southern day outside and these two men are hanging out indoors and trying to stay cool. But when their cocks come out, they fail miserably because things heat up in a very big way. After trading blowjobs these two horny men get down to some fucking and King plows this daddy's ass good and hard.

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  • Hairy Italian Man Krisztian Loft

    Hairy Italian Man Krisztian Loft

    Krisztian Loft headed to London for the first time from his native Italy. He doesn't speak much English, but he still managed to land himself a gig at Butch Dixon. How much English does a hot hairy man like this need to speak? Just pop off a couple of naked pics to Butch Dixon and say, "I want to jack off," and I'm sure Butch was falling all over himself to get this Italian stud in the studio.

    Krisztian is also a complete sub bottom. He loves been ordered around, told what to do, and he loves the taste of cum. He's got a considerable piece of foreskin, like so many Italian men do, and after pulling and fingering it, he pumps his big-nobbed cock in his hand. And every once in a while, when a pearl of precum oozes out of his dick, he plays with it and smears it around his cock head, then licks his fingers clean. I'm hoping we're going to see this Italian bottom getting his ass fucked off by someone over at Butch Dixon, but for now, I'm happy watching him spilling his creamy load on his furry belly and eating his own spunk.

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  • Daddy Situation

    Daddy Situation could be the name of a terrible indie band. Or an adult site for adult male homosexual eyes only (and for the substantial number of lesbians into gay porn). Or it could be what happens when this Ned Flanders-esque guy buys underwear and shorts in the mail (or the mall) and gets trigger happy with his camera. An aged, post-church Ned Flanders, that is.

    We have a daddy situation, folks. Everybody step back while I radio for assistance. That dickhead is caught in a net.

    daddy net

  • Your Average CEO Working from Home

    It takes money to make money, right? It also takes money to be able to afford to stay home and masturbate while managing a Fortune 500 company. What's they key? Delegation.

    That or letting your business be driven to failure because you can't focus on anything else but masturbation. Also a fine option. The dick wants what it wants.

    nude male ceo

  • The Evolution of Ring Toss

    From high art to low, ring toss has a storied history. Who knew when an ancient human first found a ring that had been tosssed by the side of the road (and instantly claimed to have invented it), that it would serve such varied purposes? And I haven't even touched on the whole earring thing. And wedding ring thing. And cock ring thing. All those things toss nicely as well.

    Assholes make lovely rings as well. Now where can I find a picture of that?

    ring men

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  • Josh Long - Hot Furry Guy

    Josh Long - Hot Furry Guy

    If you like furry guys, you're going to love Josh Long in his new scene from Next Door Male. Lots of guys in gay porn shave their bodies, but not Josh. From his trimmed beard to his hairy armpits, from his furry legs and hairy butt and back, this sexy guy is au naturel. And he's packing a nice big hard-on between his legs. In this hot solo jack-off scene, Josh strokes his big dick, and you guessed it, he shoots a creamy load of spunk all over his furry belly.

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  • In Stubble-Related News...

    According to a recently released study on such things: "Stubble conveys maturity and manliness with less of the macho aggressiveness implied by a full beard." Guys with full beards were seen as better parents (tell it to Charles Manson, Jr.), but in terms of general attractiveness, some stubble is where it's at. One limitation of the study is that it didn't include gay men. But do we really need a study to tell us what we like?

    As stubble indicates a transition between smooth and bearded, let me take this time to support the TTB and the BTT communities. You may be familiar with FTM and MTF (as in female to male and male to female transgender/transsexual). But nobody ever makes visible the challenges and needs of the Twink to Bear (TTB) and Bear to Twink (BTT) communities. If someone in your life is transitioning between these gay cultural archetypes (and body types), please give that individual all the support in the world. And a gift card for Whole Foods. Everybody loves Whole Foods!

    Now, here's some stubble. And why these guys when there are hoards of naked stubble dudes out there? That's the point. There are hoards of naked stubble dudes out there. No study needed! Except the kind of study where you study each directly.


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  • Hairy Daddy Bareback Threesome

    View full video at M2M club

    Browsing through the videos over at Queer Pixels, I found this hot site called M2M Club. They feature amateur hairy men and bears from Buenos Aires in some hot and sweaty fuck scenes, and they throw some pretty wild gangbang parties. This scenes features one lucky bald bottom getting a spit-roast fucking from two very sexy bear men. It's a hot one! And gets a couple of WOOFs from me.

  • What Do These Two Men Have in Common?

    two different men

    Dicks? Nope. It's cut vs. uncut and up vs. down and smooth vs. hairy.

    Face? Nope. It's clean shaven vs. scruff and Sears catalog vs. alley behind Sears.

    Chest? Nope. It's button nips vs. gigantic nips and square pecs vs. flat pecs.

    Clothes? Nope. It's no top vs. denim vest and denim pants vs. no pants.

    Then what do these two men have in common? What? What? What!?

    Self-awareness. The power of self-awareness. Each knows who he is and what he needs. Which is to be a shameless exhibitionist. Mystery solved.

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