• Bald and Tattooed Brit

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    This sexy bald man makes a lot of noise when he's jacking his cock. As if cum load is working its way up from his balls, he lets loose with a symphony of animalistic grunts. He's quite hairy with a nice furry ass and says that he enjoys a good plugging. Well, I enjoyed watching this hot hairy stud from Butch Dixon.

  • Real-Life Fuck Buddies

    fuck buddies barebacking

    Derek Parker and J.R. Bronson are fuck buddies. Once every couple of weeks they get together to suck and fuck -- no mess, no fuss, no emotional attachment, no commitment, just fucking.

    I'm not sure I could just be fuck buddies with Derek Parker. He's a sexy, hairy man with a full beard, a hairy body, and a lot of hot tattoos. He's definitely the kind of man that you'd want to settle down with. I can only imagine how hot it would be having this muscle bear humping my ass a few times a week. And I love watching him lying back on the couch while J.R. nurses on his dick.

    J.R.'s a total bottom and enjoys pleasing his man -- um, fuck buddy, rather -- and when he's had enough of Derek's dick, he throws his legs in the air and gets his ass boned good and hard. And what a hot session, it's no wonder J.R. keeps coming back for more.

  • Hotel Sex with Peeping Tom

    will helm in suit fucking

    French business man Will Helm has just spent the night in a posh London hotel, and he's got some meetings with potential clients today. He's still in his bathrobe when he opens his suite door to pick up the morning paper. He lingers in the doorway to read the headlines and suddenly gets a feeling that he's being watched from the peephole in the suite door across the hall.

    Helm heads back inside, but he leaves the door ajar. A morning wank would be nice, but he's not counting on it, so he proceeds to get dressed in his suit. As he finishing with his tie, he hears the door creak behind him. Helm decides not to turn around. He soon feels a pair of masculine hands wrapping around him, then a pair of soft lips nuzzling and kissing his neck. The stranger moves in closer and Will feels a stiff cock pressing into his butt and dry humping him.

    Will can't take the suspense any longer, he has to see if this cock looks as good as it feels. When he turns he finds masculine muscle hunk Kriss Aston standing there with a raging hard-on. The two men kiss as Helm wraps his fist around this beautiful uncut cock. And as you can see Will doesn't keep his suit on for long before pushing this hunk back on the bed and pumping his ass full of dick.

  • Getting Interrogated

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    I love some of the set-ups in gay porn videos. In this scene from Masculine Bears, a beefy hairy bear is sitting bare chested beside a cop in uniform. He supposed to be getting interrogated I guess. He's boasting about his big, 9-inch cock. And the bear asks if the cop wants to measure it. "No, I think I'll just eyeball it," say the policeman. "If I'm going to haul it out, you're going to do more than look at it," says this sexy bear man. And there you go ... that's how a cop ends up on his knees sucking a nice bear bone!

  • Bald Guy Gets his Butt Fucked by a Hairy Man

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    I remember when John first appeared on Butch Dixon, I was so turned on by this sexy Scottish man. His furry body and big meaty uncut cock get me pretty revved up. So I was pretty thrilled when I was digging through the archives at Best Male Videos and found this horny fuck scene with Ben Statham. I always enjoy watching this power bottom in action, and seeing him with one of my favorite Butch Dixon men puts me over the edge.

  • Sexy, Furry and Hunky

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    I love this man from Pantheon Bear. You could not want to watch a hotter man. He's handsome with a full beard, he's well built and hairy, he's inked, and he's all alone jerking his hard cock on his bed. What a way to start the day!

  • Bareback Bears Sling Party

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    A gang of horny bears have a cum-hungry bottom in a sling in this video from Hairy and Raw. With his hole greased up, this bear lies back in his sling and gets his ass filled by six hot and hard bear men. Woof! What a dream come true. That sure is one lucky bear.

  • Muscular Hairy Men Fucking

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    Gorgeous hairy muscle jock gets his ass pounded good by this bald man. And the thing that I love best about this horny video from Man Avenue is that both of these studs are sporting juicy uncut cocks.

  • Customers Like Big Dicks

    Customers Like Big Dicks

    I've been posting a lot of my videos on tube sites, and I'm always shocked at how many views I get from videos with Malik. Is it his dark skin, hairy chest, or beefy biceps? Maybe, but it seems that most guys like Malik because he has a big dick. And it's a whopper - just look at the size of that thing! Is it any wonder guys can jerk off watching that giant cock and imagining slurping it up or having it shoved in their ass? It's a fantasy, all right, but believe me, this is not trick photography. I've seen it in person up close and it really is that big.

    You can see more of Malik's big cock at Lavender Lounge.

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  • Fucking his Son-in-Law

    Adam Russo and TJ Handler

    You've heard of the tradition of a man asking a girl's father for permission to wed his daughter. Well, this scene from Man Handled takes things right over the edge, but then Man Handled generally does. Bald hairy man Adam Russo is playing the father and TJ Handler is the son-in-law. TJ is clearly pretty nervous, he would be anyway, but Adam Russo is particularly stern and brusk. After TJ stumbles out his request, Russo asks, "What are you going to do for the family? For me?"

    TJ doesn't understand the question, so his future father-in-law clarifies it: "Get on your knees!" Now TJ's even more confused: "Okay, but I don't see what this has to do with anything." Dad orders his son-in-law to remove his shoes and rub his feet and legs. And TJ does it, then nervous says, "You can't say anything to your daughter about this."

    Things between these two go a lot farther than some foot rubbing and toe sucking. Once they get naked, TJ takes care of his father-in-law's stiff cock and bends over and takes it up the ass. And I have a feeling that from here on in, Russo and his new son-in-law are going to find a lot of reasons to go away on weekend camping trips to spend some quality time together.