• Furry Men Breeding in the Kitchen

    Furry Men Breeding in the Kitchen

    One of the things I like about Hairy & Raw is that you'll not only find big bears fucking bareback there, but all kinds of hairy men -- muscle bears, daddies, cubs, and big-bellied men. Jayden Brooks and Aaron Cedar are a couple of slender furry men -- otters, they're sometimes called -- and they're getting nasty in the kitchen.

    They arrive home and they're wearing army camouflage pants and muscle tees, which end up on the kitchen floor pretty quickly as these horny men start kissing hot and heavy. You can tell Aaron and Jayden are pretty turned on by each other. Aaron is wearing a jockstrap under his pants, but Jayden is commando. They take turns sucking dick, then Aaron goes to work on Jayden's ass with a sloppy rimming session. Then these furry guy start breeding hole and filling each other with juicy loads of spunk.

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  • Geoffrey Paine Fucks Tony Axel with his Huge Tool

    Geoffrey Paine Fucks Tony Axel with his Huge Tool

    Tony Axel has a couple of men coming over to play. Geoffrey Paine is the first to arrive. Paine has changed quite a bit for this new scene with World of Men. He's always had a bit of face scruff, but he's let his beard grow in longer and thicker. And it's red! So ginger man fans are going to love him.

    Tony and Geoff decide not to wait for the third man to arrive and head into the bedroom. After some kissing they get naked and start swapping head. Geoffrey has a thick 9 inch cock and Tony swallows it whole as quickly as he can. Before turning his ass over to this bearded top, Tony crawls up and face fucks Geoffrey with his stiff uncut dick.

    Tony sits on this hot bearded face and gets his fuck hole tongued. Then Tony gets down on all fours and Geoffrey gives him a final lube job before replacing his tongue with his huge tool. Tony loves getting fucked on his back, so he spends most of this ass stretching session with his legs in the air getting his hungry hole plundered. And Tony's ripped, smooth body looks very hot covered in two loads of spunk. But it's not over yet. The door bell is ringing and the third man is just arriving ...

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  • 2 Grandpas Screwing Guy in Barbershop Threesome

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    This twenty-something-year-old guy has just gotten his hair cut in the Older 4 Me barber shop and two older men have been watching him. When he gets out of the barber chair he walks over and starts groping one of the older man's crotches, then down on his knees he starts blowing this daddy - he's got a nice thick cock, too. The other grandpa gets into it and they spit roast this horny guy, giving him both of their stiff cocks at the same time.

  • Bob Hager and Dolan Wolf - ARMOUR, SCENE 5

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    There's nothing hotter than watching a couple of cocksuckers who really enjoy slobbering all over dick. Bob Hager and Dolan Wolf in this COLT Studio Group video are two very handsome, hairy men who take turns blowing each other. I love watching Hager down on his knees deep throating Wolf's hard bone. What a sexy man!

  • Butch Dixon Threesome with Double Penetration

    Butch Dixon Threesome with Double Penetration

    Double penetration is one of those things most guys love seeing, and many of us even try it, but it's one of the most difficult things to do. Not because it's hard stuffing two cocks up your ass, but all the angles have to be just right. And it only really works if you've got a couple of guys with big cocks.

    Dolan Wolf, Jake Driver and Collin Stone are decked out in their leather gear in this threesome sex video from Butch Dixon. Jake Driver has a massive 10 inch cock and Collin Stone is packing a good 8 inches. After slobbering all over each others' dicks, these horny, hairy men get down to some fucking. Dolan crawls on top of Collin and slides onto his hard-on, then Jake slips his 10 incher into Dolan's ass.

    Dolan loves these two dicks so much that he shoots a massive cum load. Collin blasts out three loads of spunk! This is one of the best double penetration scenes I've ever watched and certainly one of the most challenging things Dolan Wolf has done on video.

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  • Bob Hager Fucks Dirk Caber

    Bob Hager Fucks Dirk Caber

    If you like bearded, hairy men then COLT Men Bob Hager and Dirk Caber are a couple of the sexiest guys working in gay porn these days. I'm not sure which man I like better, but then I don't really have to choose, do I? And with this hot scene from COLT's latest DVD called Armour, I get both men at the same time.

    Hager and Caber are working in the shop, and Bob Hager is wearing a leather mechanic's suit. Meanwhile, his assistant Dirk Caber is fiddling around in the toolbox, but he can't keep his eyes off the boss. Caber puts the moves on Hager, planting a deep kiss on him and sliding his hands inside those leather pants.

    Who knew that a sander could be used as a sex toy? But Dirk enjoys the vibrating tool against his stiffening cock in his jockstrap. After swapping head, these two men get down to some serious ass fucking. Lying across a work bench with his legs in the air, Dirk gets his hot butt drilled and when it's all over, Bob drains his balls all over his hairy buddy's hard muscled body.

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  • Is Anything Better Than This Tit Fuck?

    Male tit fuck

    Here are five things that are not better than this tit fuck:

    • Guys who don't get naked in the locker room
    • Every stupid, self-contradictory tip from Men's Health magazine
    • Having to wait over a year until the 2014 Winter Olympics (in all its spandex-clad muscle glory)
    • Chris Hemsworth opting against making Thor XXX: Power Hammer Fuck
    • No right to three-man marriage, even in Denmark

    Here's one thing as good as this tit fuck (because it means the job interview that follows has the potential to go really well):

    Dick out of suit pants

  • The Vintage Porn Eyes of Kurt Bauer

    With just a handful of photo spreads and video shoots from about 1988 to 1992, Kurt Bauer didn't have long to make an impression on the gay porn masses. Good thing he opted for the whole crazy intense burn into your soul stare deep into your eyes thing. Because I still remember him.

    I'm certain he practiced his smolder in front of the mirror for hours, sometimes trapping himself there like an XXX Narcissus at the water's edge. In this case the mirror was probably a cheap one from IKEA. He spent the rest of his dough on chest hair conditioner.

    Still, there was something about his look. It demanded you to objectify him. It made it impossible not to. So because there was no way to hide, it made lust okay. How can one be ashamed of something one cannot help? Marilyn Monroe would have been proud of his abilities and choices (including that seductive touch of lip gloss).

    Kurt Bauer's eyes

  • Beefy Muscled Rugby Dad

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    Adam Herst is a little older than most of the guys we see over on Hard Brit Lads, but I'm not sorry to be watching him oiling up his beefy body. He's one fucking hot hunk of man! He's got a nice, big cock and loves fingering his ass while he's stroking his meat.

  • Bald Straight Man's First Time

    guys swapping blowjobs

    Dirk is a sexy, bald man with a bodybuilder's physique, a hot bald head, a beard and a very hairy body. He wants to get into porn, straight porn. He's sitting on the Bait Buddies couch with Brian Bonds, who is already well established in the gay porn world. Dirk has shown up to do an audition before he does a scene with a chick, but the producer tells him that he can double his fee if he'll do a gay blowjob scene with Brian.

    Dirk barely even nods his approval and Brian jumps on him and starts kissing with him. You can see that Dirk is weirded out by this and tries pulling away. After they finally do a bit of kissing, Brian sucks Dirk's dick. It's a nice one, about 8 inches long, and this straight man enjoys the blowjob. He's coming around a bit to this guy-on-guy stuff.

    Then it's Dirk's turn to blow his new buddy. He's hesitant at first, but eventually does okay. He sputters and gags a bit when he deep throats Brian's cock, but doesn't seem to mind giving head as much as he thought. After Brian shoots his cum load all over Dirk's face and in his mouth, the producer asks, "So, how was it?" Wiping cum from his eyes, Dirk grimaces and doesn't really say anything. But the look on his cum-glistening face says, "Bleah, it's not for me".