• Daddy's Club Part 5

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    This is a last episode in MEN.com's Daddy Club series. In the four previous scenes we've seen each daddy having a crack at his boy -- Colby Jansen, John Magnum, Charlie Harding, and Billy Santoro. And now these cigar-smoking daddies are back with their leather-harnessed boys for the grand finale gang bang.

  • Very Hairy Jack Hudson Jerking Fat Cock

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    There's not much to say about Jack Hudson. He's got a sexy shaved head and he's very, very furry. In this new video from TIM Jack, he greases up his fat cock and gives us a slow jack off session. His cum load is too thick and sticky to penetrate all that fur, so it just lies there in gooey ropes across his hairy belly.

  • Valentino Medici Fucked By Adriano Carrasco

    Valentino Medici Fucked By Adriano Carrasco

    Valentino Medici hasn't been working at his new job for very long, he's still trying to make a good impression. But one day after everyone has gone home, Valentino starts watching his favourite porn star over at Lucas Entertainment. And what's not to love about Adriano Carrasco, especially his super-long uncut cock.

    The executive falls into a daydream and finds Adriano standing in front of his desk. He's looking sexy in his suits, and Valentino has dreamed about this moment. He kisses his fantasy man and gropes his suit pants, then Valentino gets to work gulping Adriano's huge meat.

    Adriano bends the bearded bottom hunk over the sofa and eats his ass, then pushes his monster in Valentino's ass. His hole swallows that long dick balls deep and he's in bottom heaven. Then Valentino lies back on the desk and Adriano gives him a forceful fuck.

    When his super-hung buddy unloads his nuts all over the glass-top desk, Valentino licks it all up with his tongue and cleans up Adriano's cummy cock, too.

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  • Hairy Men Fuck on Outdoor Bed

    Hairy Men Fuck on Outdoor Bed

    I've had a burning in my loins for Matt Stevens from the very first time I saw this hairy hunk getting his ass drilled. I was pretty sure this handsome hunk was going places and I wasn't wrong, he's popping up everywhere, and this week he's appearing in his second Butch Dixon video.

    Rikk York has only just started filming gay porn, but this sexy Puerto Rican seems to be on everyone's radar, I can't keep up with all the videos he has coming out. And this week he's doing his very first appearance on Butch Dixon. And Rikk is one superb cocksucker -- a must see -- he really knows how to service a man's hard-on and he's so fucking good at it.

    Matt Stevens and Rikk York are playing around on this outdoor bed. I don't know where you live, but here in Toronto it's been brutally cold for weeks -- it's -29C with the windchill this morning, forget about going to Sochi in a couple of weeks, I can't take anymore of this cold -- so this summer outdoor fuck is a welcome sight. After swapping blowjobs, Rikk climbs on top of Matt and rides his dick and these two hunks can't stop staring at each other, there was a definite connection. And if you've never seen Stevens before, he shoots a massive load of cum every time I see him, and Rikk's cock and balls and drenched in thick bursts of spunk when Matt's done with him.

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  • Fucked By The Coach

    Fucked By The Coach

    Cute athlete Ethan Travis is having some alone time in the locker room showers after a game. Well, he thinks he's alone and strokes his cock under the spray of water. But in this new video from Hot Dads Hot Lads, coach Max Dunhill is spying on Ethan, rubbing his crotch and getting turned watching his star athlete playing with his boner.

    Ethan finally notices the coach and is startled at first, but the coach waves him over and offers the boy his cock. Ethan's been dreaming about doing the coach and now his fantasy is coming true, right here in the locker room.

    I haven't seen Max Dunhill in a gay porn video in a while; he used to do quite a bit of filming for Butch Dixon, but it's been a few years and I'm pretty happy to see him back filming at Hot Dads Hot Lads. He's a sexy, ripped bald man and he's swinging a full-sized piece of meat between his legs.

    Ethan feasts on the coach's thick cock, then Max squats and swallows Ethan's uncut dick. The coach bends his player over and eats his ass and slides his thick hard-on into the boy's tight hole. Ethan lies back on the bench and the older man fucks him hard until he squirts all over himself, then Ethan chews on the coach's nipple until he creams himself. And the two jump back into the showers for some fun clean-up.

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  • Dick Danger: Jesse Jackman and Rogan Richards

    Dick Danger: Jesse Jackman and Rogan Richards

    BOING! WACK! POP! His name's Danger, but you can call him Dick. And Dick always gets his man. TitanMen's latest release, Dick Danger is director Jasun Mark's colorful ode to comic book cock. Scene 1 opens with tattooed muscle man Rogan Richards trying to pull his usual bait-and-switch scam. Things aren't turning out so well, but thankfully he has henchmen Jesse Jackman to take his aggression out on. He pulls the stud in by the belt for a kiss. Rogan buries his face in Jesse's hairy salt-and-pepper chest, then offers his big uncut cock. Jesse spits on it, Rogan whipping it on the sucker's massive chest then he fucks Jesse's face, spit dripping from his shaft as his tight balls get worked. Rogan sucks the stud back, reaching up to grab his furry pecs. He eats him out and grinds on the bottom's ass, fucking him from behind as Jesse's eyes roll up. Rogan's tight balls slam his ass, Jesse then sitting on him as his own boner bounces. Jesse gyrates down deep, Rogan reaching around and rubbing the bottom's bod as they fuck. Jesse gets on his back for more, his pubes soon covered in cum.

  • Furry Campers Fucking in their Tent

    Furry Campers Fucking in their Tent

    Tom Wolfe and Scott Hunter are playing a couple of buddies out camping in the woods in this new scene from Alpha Males. Scott has woken up early and he's hanging out by the fire, waiting for his buddy to crawl out of his sleeping bag. When Tom finally emerges from the tent he takes a piss and catches his friend watching him and staring at his cock.

    Tom invites Scott to chow down on his cock and the two men take turns leaning against the car and getting their dicks sucked. It too cold outside for these two blow buddies to take their clothes off, you can hear the wind rustling through the trees while these horny campers are giving each other head, so Tom suggests that they go back inside the tent.

    Naked and down on all fours, Hunter offers his hairy ass crack to his bearded buddy and Tom fingers and tongues Scott's butt. Tom slides his hard dick inside Scott's hole and fucks the bottom doggy style. And for the final fucking sequence, Scott rolls over on his back and Tom screws him hard getting them both both ready to bust their nuts. Hunter blow cum all over his furry belly and Tom drains his balls last. Question is: Out in the middle of nowhere, how is Hunter going to wash all that cum off his belly?

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  • Sexy Puerto Rican Rikk York

    Sexy Puerto Rican Rikk York

    Rikk York is just starting to show up in gay porn around the web, I saw him recently in a hot duo, but in this scene from Butch Dixon he's doing a solo with an interview so we get to know more about him.

    Rikk York is from Puerto Rico, but lives in south Florida and he's 27 years old. He's wearing a sexy beard and has been getting into tattooing quite heavily. He's got two stars on his furry chest and his right arm is sleeved with an intricate design of ink. But the thing I love the most about this sexy hunk is his beefy furry ass. Man, it's a beautiful butt. He's got a sexy deep voice and a very cute smile.

    One of the reasons York got into porn was so he could start exploring his leather side. He loves the smell, feel, and look of leather and he's really looking forward to starting that journey. This Puerto Rican stud sits back in a barber's chair and jacks his curved dick and when he cums, his cock explodes with sticky ropes of cum.

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  • Dario Beck and Rocco Diaz

    Dario Beck and Rocco Diaz

    Dario Beck and Rocco Diaz are a couple of well-dressed Spanish studs, sucking each other's cocks on the patio in third scene of Titan Men's Shag. Rocco feasts on Darioís lip, then licks down his toned, hairy bod to the straining bulge in Darioís briefs. Dario's dick flies out in Roccoís face, his eager mouth immediately engulfing it in an impressive sucking sequenceóhis nose frequently buried in Darioís bush. Rocco nibbles on his foreskin, teasing the shaft before deep-throating it again. Rocco releases his own beast, Dario opening wide to take the thick, uncut beauty in his mouth. The two head inside to enjoy a 69ing session on the bed before Dario gives up his ass to Rocco's thick piece of meat, the top's sizeable shaft completely disappearing in Dario's hungry hole.

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  • Dirty Barebackers Flip Flop Fucking

    Dirty Barebackers Flip Flop Fucking

    Ray Dalton is a scruffy daddy who is no stranger to Bareback That Hole, this is his sixth video on the raw fucking site. He has both topped and bottomed, but I actually preferred watching this 45-year-old man taking dick.

    I thought Christian Matthews had filmed with Bareback That Hole before, but in checking out the site, this looks like his first video over there. However, a couple of months back Matthews joined a gang of horny men in Las Vegas and did a mess of filming, so there will be more of this bearded stud both fucking and getting fucked in the weeks ahead.

    Christian and Ray have some pretty dirty chemistry, these two men are clearly into each other. The men take turns slobbering on each other's cocks, then Ray flips over and Christian nails his ass hard. But I really enjoyed watching Ray mount his buddy and rocking hard on his dick. However, this is a flip flop fucking scene and Ray takes his turn pounding his buddy's hot ass. After a good fucking Ray spunks Christian's well-fucked hole, then bottom turns top again and unloads down Ray's hungry throat.

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