• Taking Drew Sebastian's 9-Inch Cock

    Taking Drew Sebastian's 9-Inch Cock

    Danny Blue is a fan of TIM Fuck, and after seeing sexy, well-hung Drew Sebastian screwing many a bottom with his 9-inch cock, Danny sent TIM Fuck an e-mail asking is they could make his fantasy come true: He wanted a chance to service this bald top's big dick in person. "He can do anything he wants to me," Danny pleaded.

    TIM Fuck is all about giving a cum whore what he wants, so they lined up a fuck session with hot top man Drew Sebastian. After getting his big dick sucked to it's fully hard potential, Sebastian gives this horny bottom a fuck he'll never forget. Seeing Sebastian splayed out on the bed with his stiff pole sticking straight up in the air, Danny stands at the edge of the bed and squats onto it in a reverse cowboy. And Sebastian gets pretty revved up watching his niner sliding in and out of this gorgeous bare fuck hole. What a hungry bottom!

    After fucking him in a couple of other positions, Drew finally dumps his cum load all over Danny's hole, then lies back and takes the bottom's generous load in his mouth. But Danny's not finished with this top man yet and climbs on top of him for a cummy kissing session.

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  • Nick Moretti Breeds Chad Brock

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    If you're going to give a top your bare hole, you might as well make him work to earn it, right? Chad Brock services hairy man Nick Moretti's big dick in this video from Bareback That Hole, sucking it and rubbing his beard along Moretti's sensitive cock head. When it's good and hard, Moretti sits back in a leather chair and Brock straddles him and squats. Then Brock holds onto the chair's arms while Nick thrusts hard and fast up into his butt hole. Brock turns around for more of the same. Man, Moretti is really working up a thrusting sweat. I love watching this hairy top man fucking ass.

  • Aybars and Tomy Hawk

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    The opening kissing scene in this new video from Cazzo Club is a must see. Aybars and Tomy Hawk are a couple of masculine, scruffy-faced men who love kissing. They have beautifully plump lips and get into a hot snogging session. Then Tomy gets down on his knees and wraps his mouth around Aybars thick dick, but the Arab hunk isn't content with getting blown, he grabs Tomy's head and throat fucks the cocksucker deeply.

  • Beefy Hairy Stud Billy Essex

    Beefy Hairy Stud Billy Essex

    Billy Essex is a beefy sport guy and he's making his first appearance on Butch Dixon. He's British from Essex, hence the name, and he says that he's straight with a girlfriend. He claims that he only does porn for the money, "I'm a slag, what can I say?"

    Foreskin lovers are going to go nuts for Billy. This furry stud has a long, uncut cock and he knows how to jack that thing and get us revved up. He slides his fist tightly and slowly up his long shaft, gathering foreskin until the curls over his cock head, then he releases it and lets his blazing-red and ridge cap glisten with lube. He also gives us a show pulling and stretching his foreskin with both hands.

    Billy's got a hairy butt and hole and he doesn't seem to mind bending over and showing it off for the camera. This furry cub is half Arab and a big cummer, and Butch Dixon is hoping to get his back unload his hot wad all over guy's face, but in the meantime, you'll get off watching this stud playing with his considerable foreskin in this hot solo video.

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  • Roman Aleks Massaged

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    There's nothing hotter than lying back and letting another guy totally service you. Masculine muscle hunk Roman Aleks is on Jake Cruise's massage table. Lying naked on his stomach, he gets his back oiled and rubbed down; then he flips over so Cruise can work on his furry chest, arms, and muscular thighs. And a Jake Cruise massage always come with a happy ending, so after getting his stiff pricked sucked, Roman lies back and enjoys Jake's oiled fist pounding his meat until he blows his cum load.

  • Darren Kane & Tony Rivera Barebacking

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    Darren Kane is a sexy, bearded bear and he's making is first video over at Hairy and Raw. He's paired up with Tony Rivera, a versatile and beefy man who has made a few videos for the bareback site. And Tony shows his hot, new found buddy how to make a sizzling fuck video. Tony lies back on the bed and we get a good look at his thick, hairy body while Darren is nursing on his cock; Darren's own big ass is a delicious sight. Then Tony says, "Turn around, show me your ass!" And you know where this is going.

  • Blade Woods & Jake Cruise

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    Silver-haired daddy Jake Cruise is playing with a hot stud named Blade Woods in this new scene. I do like watching daddy-boy sex scenes and these two are a perfect pairing. A fun thing happens when they get down to some 69 cock sucking. Blade is on top of Jake and their sucking dick, then Jake raises his knees right into the camera's view and blocks Blade's head bobbing on his cock. You'd think a veteran like Jake Cruise would know better. But that's okay because there's lots of dick sucking and ass fucking to enjoy in this one, but I really got off on the close-ups of Jake finger fucking Blade's ass. It's pretty hot.

  • This Is What Motels Are For

    And by "this" I mean drunken self-exposure. Oh wait, it's not a selfie. Now who is taking this picture? I'm guessing the ice machine repair guy.

    Because when a guy buys a bottle of white wine at a gas station and takes it to a cheap motel off the interstate, then puts on his own bathrobe because the motel doesn't provide them, and then he walks down the hall of the hotel for a bucket of ice to chill the wine and the ice machine repair guy is wearing dirty overalls and cursing at the ice machine yet secretly praising it because it's only broken ice machines that allow him to earn a living, that guy (the bathrobe guy) is guaranteed to invite the other guy (the cursing guy) to his room for a glass of warm white wine. And what pairs well with white wine?


    motel exposure

  • Muscle Bear Fucks Daddy Ass

    Muscle Bear Fucks Daddy Ass

    When I first saw muscle bear Steve King I thought, "Oh man, I'd love to have this sexy man pounding away on my ass." Then I next saw him getting fucked. Damn! He's a bottom. Nothing wrong with that, but as a 100% committed bottom myself, another one doesn't do me a lot of good in the sack. Then I saw King over on Pantheon Bear fucking this daddy's ass and my fantasies revved up again.

    Steve King is one sexy fucker. He's ruggedly handsome with a hot trimmed beard, his body is covered in hair, and he's heavily tattooed. He's a man's man, a total masculine hunk, and who wouldn't want to spend a few hours rolling around a bed with him?

    Jake Shores is a grey bearded, bald daddy who loves getting his ass fucked. It's a hot southern day outside and these two men are hanging out indoors and trying to stay cool. But when their cocks come out, they fail miserably because things heat up in a very big way. After trading blowjobs these two horny men get down to some fucking and King plows this daddy's ass good and hard.

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  • Hairy Italian Man Krisztian Loft

    Hairy Italian Man Krisztian Loft

    Krisztian Loft headed to London for the first time from his native Italy. He doesn't speak much English, but he still managed to land himself a gig at Butch Dixon. How much English does a hot hairy man like this need to speak? Just pop off a couple of naked pics to Butch Dixon and say, "I want to jack off," and I'm sure Butch was falling all over himself to get this Italian stud in the studio.

    Krisztian is also a complete sub bottom. He loves been ordered around, told what to do, and he loves the taste of cum. He's got a considerable piece of foreskin, like so many Italian men do, and after pulling and fingering it, he pumps his big-nobbed cock in his hand. And every once in a while, when a pearl of precum oozes out of his dick, he plays with it and smears it around his cock head, then licks his fingers clean. I'm hoping we're going to see this Italian bottom getting his ass fucked off by someone over at Butch Dixon, but for now, I'm happy watching him spilling his creamy load on his furry belly and eating his own spunk.

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