• Alessio Romero & Rogue Status Fuck

    Alessio Romero & Rogue Status Fuck

    I like watching real-life lovers fucking. These scenes always give us a horny look inside the bedrooms of our favourite gay porn stars and how they fuck for real. Alessio Romero and Rogue Status are a couple of hairy men, one Canadian and one Mexican, and they've been lovers for a while. And they filmed one of their private fuck videos for Men Over 30.

    Alessio Romero got started in porn first and his lover, Rogue Status, followed a while later. They have both filmed with all the major sites and studios, and they have fucked together on camera before. And their sex scene together is exactly as I imagined: the older Alessio topping the younger Rogue.

    After lots of passionate kissing and sucking, Alessio rams his dick inside Rogue's furry butt and pounds away, even grabbing a fistful of the chain around Rogue's neck for some rough riding. But this furry cub doesn't let Alessio get away with having all the fun, he pushes his lover onto the sofa and sits on his cock and rides it as fast or teasingly slow as he wants. But Alessio has the final say when he unloads his nuts all over Rogue's cute face.

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  • A Year of Hairy and Raw Cumshots

    View full video at Hairy and Raw

    It's been a creamy year at Hairy and Raw and this cumshot reel gives you a look at some of the hottest cum blasts that you might have missed over the year. Horny bear men sucking and fucking and letting their jizz fly, what could be better for a snowy winter's afternoon.

  • Waking Up Daddy

    Waking Up Daddy

    Reece is horny and his daddy is having a nap, so the lad sees an opportunity to wake up his older lover in a nice way and hopefully get an afternoon romp out of it. Mature Gay Movies is a new site that opened a couple of weeks back and I've blogged about a couple of their scenes with older men playing around together, but the site also features some hot daddy-boy sex scenes, too, and this is one of their latest.

    Reece climbs into bed and pulls Roger's cock out of his underwear and nurses on it. He sucks his daddy's dick for quite a while before a startled Roger finally wakes up. Nothing like being woken up with a blowjob and an erection to get a guy raring for more.

    After crawling all over each other is some deep throat 69ing, Reece lubes up his daddy's hard-on and gets down on all fours so Roger can screw his tight little ass. After a thorough ass fucking, Reese chews on Roger's nipple until the older man creams all over his big belly. Then daddy thanks his lad by licking his balls while Reese strokes his uncut dick and blows his wad of jizz all over his smooth tummy.

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  • Reading Is Fundamental


    Meet the highest class man ever. So much class. So high class. I'm so overloaded by the high class nature of how high class he is I need a vacation to a low class person and/or resort. He is so high class. I will try to explain why.

    Glass-topped wicker furniture. Outdoor seating area. Two books. Reading one of the books. Red wine. Drinking the red wine. Multiple potted plants. Lush greenery. Yellow wall. Dark beard. Black glasses. Hand on chin. Pointed toes. Dainty cheeks. Sculpture-like appearance. Sunlight that he made. Slate flooring. Being an exhibitionist slut who wants everyone to jerk off to him.

    High class.

  • Mature Men Fucking - Hump Day Hotties

    At the end of last week a brand new and exciting site opened it doors and fans of mature men are going to be thrilled to see Mature Gay Movies. And it combines to niches into one site. The first is older men fucking around together and the second is mature men having sex with younger guys who are mostly in their twenties.

    Sexy daddy Blade Hunter and his fat cock caught my eye in this scene. The leather man has a hungry sub looking for a full-service session and taking care of a man's cock, and as it turns out, his boots, too. Hunter is a sexy 40-something-year-old man with a beefy body, some hot tattoos, and a very fat dick. And once this daddy gets his meat sucked and swallowed, he buries it in his leather buddy's ass.

    Mature Gay Movies has just launched, so their offering is small at the moment. They have 14 videos of mature men playing together and another nine movies featuring older men and younger guys. And they feature a variety of older men from muscled men, hairy daddies, big-bellied bears, and silver-haired mature men, so no matter what type of daddy you're into, you'll probably find him here.

  • Aleks Buldocek & Adam Ramzi in Open Road

    Aleks Buldocek & Adam Ramzi in Open Road

    Raging Stallion's second episode of Open Road is out and I couldn't be happier. Hairy, bearded hunk Aleks Buldocek is one of my latest wet dreams and this is his second scene in Open Road. He plays a bar manager and has just finished a sweaty spit roast fucking session where he messed around with bar keeps Marcus Isaacs and James Ryder.

    Adam Ramzi is a drifter who has just hit town. He needs a drink, but Buldocek decides he needs a mouthful of dick instead, and Aleks has a big one. I loved the POV filming and watching Ramzi swallowing Aleks' huge cock. Sitting up on the bar, Aleks gets serviced and the camera man is filming over his shoulder so we get to look down on Adam and watch him deep throating this beautiful bone.

    Buldocek bends Ramzi over the bar and slides his long cock inside his furry ass, then the bottom lies back on the bar for round two. And with a freshly fucked ass, Ramzi hitch hikes his way out of town and into the third episode introducing us to Raging Stallion's new exclusive, Seven Dixon, and this outdoor, fucking-on-the-car video is going to be hot.

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  • Furry Daddy Fucked by Hung Call Boy

    Furry Daddy Fucked by Hung Call Boy

    This horny daddy is away on a business trip. And with his boss paying for the hotel room, Edward decides to treat himself to a little call boy action. Edward is the latest older man featured on a brand new site called Mature Gay Movies, which features both mature-on-mature man sex and daddy-boy play sessions.

    After checking out his options, Edward settles on Rodrigo, a smooth Latino guy with a long cock and a big pair of heavy-hanging balls. When Rodrigo arrives at Edward's hotel room, the older man doesn't even take his clothes off, he just climbs on the bed and starts sucking this big beautiful dick.

    This bald daddy enjoys Rodrigo's meat before getting down on all fours to see how much stretching his ass can take. It turns out Edward takes the whole thing and still wants more.

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  • Hairy Chub Power Fucks Daddy

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    Woof! The bearded daddy in this video from M2M Club is fucking hot! He's wearing a sexy salt 'n pepper beard and loves sucking dick. Then his chubby and hairy top turns his dick on this daddy's ass and screws him doggy style. I'm not so stuck on the top, but I could watch this bottom daddy getting fucked all day.

  • Open Road Debuts with Bar Room Threeway

    Open Road Debuts with Bar Room Threeway

    Raging Stallion just released the first of their new DVD series called Open Road, and it's already showing up on their membership site. Open Road is one of Raging Stallion's multi-disc sex extravaganzas and this one has various men travelling the back roads of America and getting themselves into all kinds of trouble.

    Bus boy James Ryder and bartender Marcus Isaacs are working in the bar and getting it ready for opening. But tatted stud James has other things in mind and reaches across the bar and grabs Isaacs' ass. James and Marcus get into a sweaty flip-flop fuck session right there in the bar, well actually, on the bar, too. Marcus lifts James up onto the bar so he can suck the young stud's dick and James lies across a couple of bar stools to take Marcus' thick cock up his ass. Marcus leans over the bar and takes his turn getting screwed.

    They're making quite a bit of noise and draw the attention of furry bar manager Aleks Buldocek who has been working in the back office. Since Ryder's already pounding hole, Aleks shoves his meat down Marcus' throat. Marcus Isaacs is a hot cocksucker, there's not a dick yet that I haven't seen him capable of deep throating, not even Boomer Banks 10.5-inch monster. Aleks and James swap ends and the hairy man takes over ass fucking duty. And James and Aleks are in perfect sync blowing their cum wads at exactly the same time, it's a pornographer's dream come true. Open Road is off to a sizzling start. Buldocek sits at the bar recuperating from his threeway and drifter Adam Ramzi walks in. And I can't wait to these two hot men fuck.

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  • Pez Exhibitionist

    pez cock

    Nothing turns him on more than showing off his nude body to a crowd of Pez dispensers. It's one thing to show off to humans, but to expose oneself to plastic heads of various species, genders, colors and fictional character vs. real person statuses is precum-drippingly exciting. I say real person status because I swear there's an Eleanor Roosevelt Pez dispenser in the background. Alongside a Miss Piggy, George Jetson and Batman.

    And in case you didn't notice, he has a huge cock. You're welcome for pointing it out. See what you do is put little candies in it and then flip the cock head up and the candy comes out. In your mouth. In spurts. Probably brush your teeth after. Or have some more candy. Whichever.