• Casey Williams Fucks Adam Herst

    Casey Williams Fucks Adam Herst

    Adam Herst is one of those truly versatile performers. When he's topping, he's often playing in a nasty master in BDSM scenes, and even when he's not doing BDSM, he's a forceful top who likes giving a rough fuck. When he bottoms, he's truly in the moment and enjoys a passionate fuck. In this new video from Men Over 30 he's playing with muscle hunk Casey Williams.

    Williams has been in and out of porn. He got his start about 10 years ago, then took some time off and returned to porn filming a couple of years ago. He's a massive muscle hunk and says in the interview portion of this scene that he loves sucking dick. And boy, does he ever. That's a good thing because Herst has a 9-inch dick, which is a lot of meat to handle, but Casey swallows, gulps, and deep throats beautifully.

    Casey starts off fucking Adam doggy style on the couch, but my favourite part of this scene see Herst mounting Williams and sitting on his hard dick. Adam rides his muscle buddy's cock with deep thrusts and I loved watching his stiff niner bouncing around -- it's hot stuff!

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  • Daddy Cream and Dominicano

    View full video at Bi Latin Men

    Dominicano is making his first gay porn video. Holy shit! He jumps in and goes for it all. When this Bi Latin Men video opens Dominicano and Daddy Cream are kissing, baseball caps turned so the brims aren't knocking against each other. These two love kissing. Daddy Cream has a big cock and Dominicano sucks dick well. He also bends over and gets fucked, then nuts all over himself while getting his hole pumped. Then he lies back and Daddy Cream douses his face with a huge, thick load of spunk -- there's a reason he's called Daddy Cream.

  • Let's Watch White Underwear Yoga

    It's bikini undies yoga time! This guy's got a plump sack. As in balls. As in wouldn't they be great in your mouth? Or in his mouth. He can probably reach. He says in the comments that he doesn't wear pants while doing yoga because the pants would get sweaty. I like this logic. I don't wear $1,000 bills because the money would get sweaty and I don't have any $1,000 bills but sweat is the main reason. Plenty of male or female bitches do wear $1 bills when offered/stuffed, despite the sweat, but none of them are this guy.

    I'm going to some sort of yoga hell for finding eroticism in this totally innocent non-sexual video some daddy guy posted of himself in tiny underwear with his bulge flopping. I mean his Zen bulge flopping. I mean his barely restrained penis flopping. Lot of yoga knowledge in his bulge. I mean brain. Wherever he keeps his brain. I think I'll start underwear yoga. Immediately.

    P.S. I'll bet you that's a picture of him on the wall. And why the fuck wouldn't it be.

  • Hairy Hung Men - Hump Day Hotties

    Hairy Hung Men - Hump Day Hotties

    A few months back Raging Stallion Studios wowed us all with their announcement that they had signed Boomer Banks to an exclusive contract. "The world's biggest cock" all the press releases said. And a few weeks back they started rolling out the scenes from Timberwolves, which featured Boomer' first scene where he fucked Marcus Isaacs. He stretched the poor bottom's ass to unbelievable proportions, but Isaacs proves that his rear is very accommodating.

    All four scenes from Timberwolves have now been released on the Raging Stallion site and it turns out Boomer Banks isn't the only hung hairy man on this DVD, although he certainly is the biggest. Tommy Defendi shoves his big cock inside sexy newcomer Adam Ramzi and Tommy douses Adam with one of the fastest-moving cumshots I've seen in a while. That spunk must have hurt when it made contact.

    James Jamesson looks like a country wild man who would scare the fuck out of you if you ran into him in the woods, but he's packing a big tool, too, and gives it to Jimmy Fanz. But the shining star in all of these scenes is the last scene with handsome and hairy newcomer Aleks Buldocek fucking Shawn Wolfe. I was quite surprised to learn that Buldocek's massive dick is only 8 inches long. I guess the camera not only adds 10 pounds to its subject, but a couple of inches, too -- Buldocek's dick is impressive and you'll be kicking yourself if you miss it.

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  • Daddy Plays with his Boy

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    With a room full of older men and big-bellied bears sitting back and watching, a hairy daddy plays with his boy at the front of the room. Male Junction Videos is well known for putting on creative and fun shows and lots of group gang bangs, but watching this daddy licking whipped cream off his boy's ass crack was an extra bit of fun.

  • 4 Star Accommodations

    Can you guess what makes this pit of a motel room on par with the finest hotels in France? And I mean the France that's in Europe. Is it the magnificent bedspread? The toilet? Or perhaps the stain resistant carpeting? No, it's the complimentary non-dairy creamer. As delivered by the world's oldest and most weathered and jaded bellhop.

    You know you're a sex hound when it's a sunny day and your shades are drawn. Now that's commitment.

    There's something Zen about sucking dick with one's arms crossed over one's chest self-stimulating those nipples. Now that's a lifestyle choice I can get behind. Nipple masturbating cocksucker rights now!

    4 star hotel

  • Muscle Bear in Repose

    muscle bear

    This gentle portrait of the North American Muscle Bear is by Whistler's mother. Note the bear-stained sheets and pillowcases. Observe the heart shape formed by the thighs. Take in the armpit action, reminiscent of Picasso's maid's armpits. Absorb the social commentary implied by the foreshortened view which makes the kneecaps as big as the head. Be somewhat disappointed by the penis but simultaneously gratified by the plump sack. Cream all over the tempting tootsies. That's Latin for feet.

    Isn't art wonderful?

  • Hot Dads Hot Lads - Hump Day Hotties

    Hot Dads Hot Lads - Hump Day Hotties

    A new site opened last week called Hot Dads Hot Lads, so I thought we'd use daddy-boy sex as our theme for GayDemon's Hump Day Hotties. When I was younger, I always enjoyed having sex with older men. It was always fun having sex with a more experienced man, even doing a little role playing.

    Hot Dads Hot Lads opened with 75 scenes and these are the two latest. The site pairs up older men with younger guys, but the thing that I liked about the site is that the dads aren't always the ones doing the fucking. First up we have relative newcomer Matt Stevens as the dad and Alexander Greene as the lad. Greene is playing a football player who fucked up on the field and now he's trying to make it up to the coach. That's not hard considering that Greene has a huge cock and the coach likes getting his big, beefy ass fucked. But the coach likes to fuck, too, and first bends Green over against the lockers. The two end up on the floor with Stevens riding Greene's long fuck pole and spewing his cum load all over the boy's belly.

    Anthony London and Lucas Knight are also in the locker room -- hmmm, I'm seeing a theme here -- and they're eyeing each other up while they strip out of their street clothes. Lucas never does manage to get into his gym clothes because as soon as London catches sight of his cute, tight ass, the older hairy hunk reaches over and caresses it with his strong hand. Kissing leads to cock sucking, then Knight bends over and takes London's dick. Lying back on the bench, Anthony relaxes and lets Dylan do all the riding work. And finally Lucas ends up on his knees and takes a big, sticky load of daddy cum all over his mouth. And the scene ends with these two swapping cum kissing.

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  • Why Is This Guy So Fucking Happy?

    happy naked guy

    I am desperate to know why this guy is so fucking happy. Maybe because:

    • He finally was naked enough outside to get rid of his pesky tan line that always lost him his nudist cred.
    • He won a subscription to Marie Claire, the slightly thinking woman's fashion magazine.
    • He finally accepted his obesity and self-acceptance is powerful.
    • He color coordinated his watch, sneakers and buttplug.
    • Miley Cyrus is dead.

    You should never trust a happy guy. Ask yourself who he stepped on to make himself happy. Maybe it was you. But I digress.

    Maybe he's just happy and a nice guy and likes the outdoors and whoever is taking the picture is a happy, naked guy too. Now what the fuck's up with that?

  • Handsome and Horny Muscle Bear

    Handsome and Horny Muscle Bear

    Meet Charles from Sean Cody. Charles is masculine and gorgeous, his well-muscled chat and abs covered in thick fur. This hairy jock has a great attitude, a boyish smile and a perfect cock. And he's not shy in front of the camera - he loves getting naked and showing off his stuff!

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