• Maverick Men Finally Fuck a Real Man. Can I Get an Amen?

    Maverick Men Finally Fuck a Real Man. Can I Get an Amen?

    I've been pissed off with the Maverick Men for a long time. In case you don't know them, they're a real-life couple who film their sexcapades for their site. They're a couple of hot daddies, but all they ever do is fuck twinkies and 20-something-year-old boys. I've been waiting and waiting for them to fuck anything resembling a man. Oh well, it's not all about me right? A couple of men are allowed to fuck whomever they want.

    Recently a big bearded man named Grumpy Bear hit them up with a selfie video where he said, "Hey Maverick Men, I think it's about time you guys fucked a real man." See, I'm not the only one. So Cole and Hunter invited Grumpy Bear to their hotel room to film a fuck video. Thank God. And I have to say that this scene is well worth the wait.

    I'm guessing Grumpy Bear didn't fully realize how big Cole's dick is. Down on his knees and getting ready to swallow it, GB looks at Cole's monster and huffs, "Holy fuck!" It's almost as if he was thinking, "What have I gotten myself into?" But GB has been sucking dick for a lot of years -- not like those 19-year-old guys Cole has between his legs -- and Cole can't stop talking about how good GB's mouth feels while Hunter runs the camera.

    When Cole is getting ready to fuck GB he hands him the bottle of lube. "Here, you do it. That way you can't say there's not enough lube. It's your responsibility." When Cole slides in, GB lets out a holler and I'm not sure if there isn't enough lube or Cole's dick is too big, or a little of both. It doesn't matter. Cole gives this bear a minute to get used to his bone and then he fucks his "real man" ass just like he asked for. Like I said, well worth the wait.

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  • Two Men in Plaid Shirts and Jockstraps, a Dildo, and a Surprise

    Two Men in Plaid Shirts and Jockstraps, a Dildo, and a Surprise

    Imagine that you arrive home from work to find your lover down on all fours with a dildo shoved up his ass. A nice after-work surprise, especially since you're lover's ass is always so fucking tight and it takes so much work getting in there. But today there will be no fighting because with a dildo shoved up his ass, all you need to do is pull it out and replace it with your own hard dick.

    That's sort of how this new scene from Alpha Males goes. Dolan Wolf has been having a couch wank and playing with a dildo. He's wearing a red, plaid shirt and jockstrap and he's on all fours fucking his hole with the dildo when Bruno Fox enters the room. Bruno, who is also wearing plaid and a jockstraps, takes over and slides the dildo in and out of Dolan's hairy hole, getting the bottom even hornier than he was before.

    But a real dick always feels better, so Dolan gets his mouth on Bruno's big-nobbed cock. He gulps and swallows until it's hard and ready for his ass. Then Bruno mounts Dolan and with the bottom's legs on his shoulders, Bruno drills him and they fuck like this for a while. I notice the timer's getting down and I'm thinking that somebody ought to start cumming. Just when I'm thinking this is going to end with a quick cumshot, a pair of legs appear beside Dolan's head.

    This new man slides his underwear down his legs and Dolan opens his mouth. And fade to black. Fuck! I didn't see that coming. But I can't say I'm disappointed because I was enjoying watching Bruno drilling Dolan, so now I have something to look forward to in the week ahead. I'll keep you posted.

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  • Hung Swede Freddy Wolff Is Back

    Hung Swede Freddy Wolff Is Back

    It's been a long while since we've seen Freddy Wolff. The tall, furry Swede and his huge uncut cock did a lot of filming at UK Naked Men back in 2007 to 2008, he even appeared again briefly in 2010. I don't know where he's been, but he's popped up on Butch Dixon in a scene with muscle hunk and power top Bruno Fox. I hope Freddy is going to stick around for a while.

    If you don't want to get wet, you shouldn't have sex with Bruno Fox. He's got a hot mouth with plump lips and he loves using them -- deep kissing, armpit licking, nipple chewing, dick sucking, and ass eating. Before Freddy feels Fox's hard-on in his ass, almost every inch of his hairy body has been slathered by Fox's tongue.

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  • Hairy Muscle Bear and Smooth Twink

    Hairy Muscle Bear and Smooth Twink

    Brad Kalvo has the cutest young admirer, Blake Stone, kissing his hairy body with his furry, masculine chest in Hot Dads Hot Lads latest scene. Blake pulls Brad's jock down to reveal his hard cock, and massages his ball sack whilst sucking on him.

    Blake undresses slowly and our hot dad makes out with his cute pup. Brad then indulges himself on Blake's tight hole and gets good feedback from our horny young man. Teased and no longer able to resist, Brad plugs his cock in Blake's hot, smooth butt hole and he enthusiastically bounces on it to take it deeper and deeper.

  • Furry Puerto Rican & Silver Daddy Flip Flop

    Furry Puerto Rican & Silver Daddy Flip Flop

    Rikk York is a sexy newcomer to gay porn. He's a furry Puerto Rican, he loves sucking cock (thoroughly enjoyable to watch), and he's versatile, although I prefer watching him bottom because he's got such a beautiful, fuckable ass. He's been making the rounds and he's just showed up at Hot Older Male with silver daddy Jake Marshall.

    I couldn't be more thrilled with this pairing. Marshall is a sexy man and he's a slow, passionate, and enthusiastic lover. If you crawl into bed with this hunk (and you're not making a porno) you know it's going to be one of those 6-hour marathons where you don't care if you ever cum because the sex is so hot.

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  • Hairy Bears Scott Spears and Dan Lair

    View full video at Bear Films

    I remember seeing hairy man Scott Spears a long, long time ago in a picture set, but I don't ever remember seeing him in a video. He popped up in a couple of bareback videos over at Hairy and Raw (one top, one bottom) and I was pretty stoked to see him in action. This video also appeared over at Bear Films, but they don't usually feature barebacking over there.

  • Hairy Hot Tub Fuck

    Hairy Hot Tub Fuck

    Bear Films went to Palm Springs for the winter, and we got lucky - they brought daddy bear Marc Angelo and big dicked, hairy Carlo Cox to do a shoot there. In a hot tub! Marc and Carlo actually hooked up for the weekend, so don't be surprised that they have lots of chemistry. After making out, Carlo kicks back while Marc sucks on his jumbo cock, then turns things around by burying his face in Marc's ass and giving him one hell of a rimjob. Once Marc's hole is slick and tingling, Carlo slides every inch of his stiff dick in there and gives Marc a good hard fuck in the warm California sun.

  • Daddy Adam Russo Pounds Joseph Rough

    View full video at Hot Dads Hot Lads

    Every time a new Adam Russo video comes out, I have to stop everything and crank one out. This sexy bald hunk is a dirty-talking daddy that always gets my meat dripping. And this scene from Hot Dads Hot Lads is right up my alley with Russo screwing the living daylights out of a cute, younger bottom.

  • Riley Tess Seduces Hung Sandro Sanchez

    Riley Tess Seduces Hung Sandro Sanchez

    Riley Tess is clearly a well-seasoned cock sucker, while Sandro Sanchez is the lucky bastard that gets his tongue and lips round his monstrously huge, uncut cock. In this scene at Butch Dixon, Sandro Sanchez is playing a renter, preying on unsuspecting realtor, Riley. He isn't looking to score cheap rent, he just wants to get in Sanchez's pants and get what hides beneath up his cute, hairy hole.

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  • Real-Life Lovers Share a Bottom

    Real-Life Lovers Share a Bottom

    I always like watching real-life lovers fucking on video, I guess what turns me on most about it is that I think it gives us a look at how things look in their bedroom. But does it really? Joe Gunn and Geoffrey Paine are the lovers in this Alpha Males scene and they're spit roasting Hans Berlin.

    The truth is that what we see on video is almost always pure fantasy, usually some director's idea of how the scene should go. I've watched both Geoffrey and Joe bottom and top for each other, but I still don't get a real sense of who is more dominant in their bedroom. I've seen plenty of real-life raging bottoms cast exclusive in top roles in video -- what a disappointment that must be for real-life hook-ups -- so you never really know how these couples really go at it off the screen.

    Still, it's fun thinking about being Hans Berlin with Geoffrey's big dick plunging down your throat and Joe's uncut meat pumping your hole, or the reverse when the men flip around. And watching them both taking turns on this hunky bottom really fuels my own fantasies. I like both men, they're similar in some way, but very different in others, and they have different fucking styles. Keeps the imagination churning with the possibilities, doesn't it.

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