Fucked by the Boss Fucked by the Boss

Cell phones and texting are great, they've opened up a whole new world. But they've also created a whole new set of blunders like auto corrects that leave your buddy scratching his head. But in this new scene from Butch Dixon, Nicholas Key learns that accidentally sexting your boss pictures of your ass can result in painful consequences.

Nicholas has already been in shit with his boss, Antonio Garcia, a number of times. And this time, Nicholas is going to be taught a lesson. This Italian hunk doesn't give a damn about sexual harassment laws, he's going to teach this young miscreant how to behave at the office and respect his boss.

Antonio drags Nicholas across the office and bends him over one of the desks, he yanks down his trousers, and inspects the boy's butt hole and decides it looks good enough to fuck. He pushed Nicholas to his knees and throat fucks him until his big Italian cock is throbbing hard. Then he bends this horny Brit back over the desk and fucks his ass hard. When he figures Nicholas has learned his lesson, he sprays a huge sticky load of Italian cum all over Nicholas' face. But the office worker isn't complaining.

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