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Rik Kappus has long been a favourite man of mine. And when I heard that his exclusive contract with Hot Older Male was coming to an end, I was disappointed. However, this morning I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this sexy fucker back on the older man gay porn site. (Here's hoping Hot Older Male has a huge backlog of Rik Kappus videos.) This sexy, hairy hunk is paired up with an older man admirer, Dallas; and this 27-year-old fuck pup loves his daddy bears. This scene comes to us by way of Hot Older Male's DVD "Frat Pack," which is loaded with five hot scenes where a younger guy is taking care of daddy. In this scene, however, Rik is taking care of Dallas and his beefy butt. These two men end up necking in a garage, and after getting his dick wet, Rik hoists Dallas's legs and throws a hard fuck into him. I do love watching a sexy muscle bear fucking ass! Between the two of them, Rik and Dallas are featured in 22 videos over at Hot Older Male -- and that's a good thing!

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