Edu Boxer Fucks Robbie Rojo in 'Free Ride' Edu Boxer Fucks Robbie Rojo in 'Free Ride'

Robbie Rojo is a newcomer. Edu Boxer is a lucky man. Robbie has run away from home in this Men at Play scene titled "Free Ride". He dreams of making it big in the city. A kind businessman, Edu Boxer, picks him up hitchhiking on the freeway. He stops the car and lets 26 year old Robbie know his intentions aren't pure. Does he give the man a blowjob, or walk all the way back? Robbie takes Edu's dick and gives him a deep suck to the back of his throat. Things quickly heat up and Edu wants more. Robbie is bent over the trunk of the car and Edu gives him a long, hard daddy fuck.

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