Edu Boxer Fucks Allen King in "Papi Rules" Edu Boxer Fucks Allen King in "Papi Rules"

Who can resist a masculine hairy hunk dressed in a suit and tie? ... Well, you can be sure that daddy-lover Allen King can't resist his best friend's father, the seriously "Hot Papi" and Men at Play star Edu Boxer! Allen is a student at Uni and his best friend and study partner is Edu's son. The lads are supposed to be cramming for an exam and when Edu comes home unexpectedly to find his son no-where in sight and Allen sunning himself out by the pool instead of inside studying, he's not amused!

Edu gives Allen a fatherly dressing down but, much to Edu's annoyance, the lad takes little notice, so Edu gets more serious and grabs hold of the youngster but loses his balance and the pair end up in the pool together. Allen is loving it all of course ... what's hotter than being wrapped in the arms of this hot daddy ... and he instantly takes advantage of the situation and moves in for a kiss! Edu is a bit shocked, but turned on too ... and the pair quickly move inside to where it is more private! The men continue where they left off and kiss passionately as Allen unzips Edu's suit trousers and releases his uncut boner from its confines ... he moves down and sucks on it for a bit until Edu takes control and picks him up and puts him on the kitchen bench and returns the oral favours. Then he turns him over to check out his cute little arsehole, fingers it a bit, and then inserts his rock hard cock ... and the entire time he never removes even the smallest piece of his business attire!

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