Edging & Teasing Dirk Caber Edging & Teasing Dirk Caber

Dirk Caber has had more than a couple of men in his bondage booth at various leather events. He's taunted and teased the likes of Christopher Daniels, Alessio Romero, and Jarrod Locke over at Bound Jocks. But today it's Caber's turn. Brit stud Dolan Wolfe has Caber tied with his hands above his head and he's blindfolded, too.

Wolfe goes to work on Caber's sensitive nipples: chewing them hard, licking them, sucking them, and nibbling them gently, and you can tell that Caber's nibs love the attention; he quivers and moans. Then, with a crowd of onlookers watching, Dolan pulls out Dirk's big-nobbed cock and teases it in his fist. He edges the bearded man's hard-on, bringing him close to blowing his wad a couple of times. And after getting Caber to the point where he feels like his balls are going to explode and he's pleading for a release, Wolfe finally let's his bound buddy shoot his cum load, and jizz flies everywhere.

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