Dungeon Pigs Rutting Dungeon Pigs Rutting

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Jay Ricci brings his "boy" Luis Casola into the dungeon and restrains him on the cross. While rubbing Luis chest and cock Jay asks, "Are you ready for daddy's surprise?" Luis is. Billy Davis and Lanz Adams walking in and start making out. Jay sucks his boy's cock and gets him super turned on. Come inside and see what happens next.

After getting his boy teased up, Jay Ricci makes his way over to the fucking bench. Lanz Adams is stuffing Billy Davis' mouth with his cock. Billy is lying across the bench so Jay takes advantage of the position and dives into the bald man's meaty ass. Meanwhile, Luis Casola is still strapped to the St. Andrew's cross watching his daddy servicing another sweet piece of ass. Wouldn't that drive you crazy?

Lanz offers his property to Jay and encourages him to fuck Billy's ass. Wrapped up in a rubber jockstrap, it looks even more inviting, and Jay slides his bare cock between Billy's beefy cheeks. Lanz continues throat fucking his boy until Jay's had his fill and returns to his own sex slave. Adams takes over drilling Billy's rear end while Jay plays with Luis' cock.

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