Don't Fuck with the Creepy Handyman Don't Fuck with the Creepy Handyman

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Griffin Barrows has heard rumours around the college campus about the creepy handyman. He's heard guys talking about the janitor checking them out and how they've caught him looking at their naked butts in the gym shower. Griffin decides he's going to give the handyman a hard time.

While janitor Trenton Ducati is sweeping up in the public toilet, Griffin watches, then he pulls out his dick and starts stroking it and teasing the janitor. "You want to touch this? I've heard about the creepy handyman." Ducati finally flips out and pounces. He grabs Griffin by the throat and pushes him back towards the wall, "I'm the fucking one who calls the shots," he grunts.

He throws Griffin down to the dirty bathroom floor. "Stick your tongue out," the janitor barks. Then he pushes Griffin's head towards his boots and orders the student to lick them. He whips Griffins bare ass with a riding crop, then Ducati rams the butt of the crop into this guy's ass. Ducati drags Griffin to one of the stalls and makes him lick the toilet before forcing every inch of his big cock down his throat. And the creepy handyman is just getting started.

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