Dolan Wolf & His Bound Sub Marc Angelo Dolan Wolf & His Bound Sub Marc Angelo

This video is a departure for Butch Dixon. The site has featured a few fetish sex scenes before, but I have to say that this one with Marc Angelo and Dolan Wolf is one of the most exciting scenes I've ever watched on the site. This is the first time that Angelo has ever given up complete control to a sex partner, and you'll see in the post-scene interview that Angelo loved the experience. He says that the unexpectedness really made the whole play session so incredibly exciting.

When the video opens Marc Angelo is wearing a leather mask, harness, and black jockstrap and his hands are suspended over his head with a length of rope. Master Dolan Wolf appears and walks around his sex slave and checks him out. Angelo really wants to feel Dolan's big uncut cock plunging down his throat and between his beefy ass cheeks, but his master delays his gratification.

And Dolan is a skilled play master who takes Angelo back and forth between forceful cock slapping and ball squeezing to tender embraces and deep passionate kisses. Angelo is panting with excitement, and if you look closely you'll end see sweat dripping down his arms. After some play with a violet wand on his uncut hard-on, balls, and nipples, Angelo gets what he wants and more. After throat fucking his sub, then pounding Angelo's ass, Dolan unloads his nuts and covers Angelo's face with huge, thick snots of cum. And he cleans up the mess with some sensual cum kissing.

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