Do You Think You Can Handle It? Do You Think You Can Handle It?

The great thing about hanging your slave from the rafters is that you can twirl him around and around. A bit like a BDSM lazy Susan. Adam Ramzi had his first bound cock edging session over at Men on Edge a couple of weeks ago, and he's back in Bound Gods' dungeon requesting his first training session from Mr. Christian Wilde.

When the scene opens, the men are standing face to face and nuzzling. "So you're ready for you first training session?" Wilde asks. "Do you think you can handle it?" Ramzi says that he can. Then gentle time is over and Wilde ties his slave to the wall. Nipple pulling, flogging, and cock and ball yanking, Wilde dives right in and shows Ramzi how things go in this dungeon.

Then suspended from the ceiling in a rope harness, Ramzi gets flogged some more. And when Wilde wants to change directions, he grabs Adam's foot like a rudder and steers him around. He lowers the harness and force feeds his stiff cock into Ramzi's mouth and makes him choke. Wilde fucks his sub in the rope sling as well, but lying on his back and tied to the bed is how Ramzi will ultimately serve his master's dick and make him unload his nuts.

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