Dirk Caber & Dolan Wolf Flip-Fuck in "Opportunity Knocks" Dirk Caber & Dolan Wolf Flip-Fuck in "Opportunity Knocks"

It's been over six months since the last Joe Gage release -- disappointing since he's been my long-time favourite director. His last DVD called Cut to the Chase came out in December, and this week, Titan Men started rolling out scenes from Opportunity Knocks. And this first one features Dirk Caber and Dolan Wolf, and incidentally, they were both in Cut to the Chase and did a threeway with JD Phoenix. In this first scene, it's ten years after college and Dirk and Dolan are finally reunited, come inside and see what happens.

Opportunity Knocks opens with Dirk Caber looking up his college coach Dolan Wolf. Caber had the hots for his coach and even got him to pull out his dick once or twice in the change rooms after practice. There are two things wrong with this set-up: I think Caber should have played the coach because he definitely looks to be the older of the two men, and second, Dolan Wolf has his shorts on inside out. Ha! Not only is Caber sexy, but he's a good actor and Joe Gage videos usually have quite a bit of dialogue and he does a good job here. I didn't find Wolf quite as good at delivering his lines, but we're not here to listen to them talk, are we?

The men strip down in Dolan's garage and Dirk gets to work on the coach's stiff prick. Dirk lingers on Dolan's cock taking deep, swooping gulps. When Dolan gets down on his knees, he's gives the same kind of leisurely head. Watching two men really enjoying each other's dicks instead of just sucking them is such a welcome sight -- so many porn hunks would do well to take lessons from these two. Using a beer cooler as their fucking bench, the two men screw each other: Dirk first on his back, then Dolan doggy style. Then standing facing each other, they fire off their loads all over one another's cocks. Dolan's gusher is particularly delicious and lively.

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