Deviant Otter Fucks a Canadian Daddy Deviant Otter Fucks a Canadian Daddy

Had I known Deviant Otter was in Toronto looking for some Canadian ass, I would have volunteered mine. On a recent trip, Devin hit Church Street's Black Eagle, where he met Grant, a sexy, bearded daddy. They weren't able to hook up that first weekend, but they did when Devin was here last. Devin had already filmed a fucked session with Abeardedboy, his host for the weekend, and when Devin found himself with some free time on his hands, he called Grant over for a fuck.

I can see the Black Eagle from my den window, I'm only across the street, so it wouldn't be far to drag Devin home for a play session. But judging by the men he normally hooks up with, I might be a little too much bear for him, although he did promise me a coffee the next time he's in town. And while it's been a long time since I dragged anyone home from anywhere, it's always fun to think about it.

You'll probably find this odd, but the thing that got me the hottest about this video wasn't the sucking back and forth or the way Devin humped Grant's ass with short, quick strokes, or even Grant's extended rimming session on Devin's butt. What got me charged up was Devin's knee-high green and white sports socks and Grant's black boots and a jockstrap. I found both looks sexy. Even when Grant was down on all fours and Devin was handballing him, he kept his boots on. And when it was all over, Devin and Grant jacked off together and shot their loads all over Grant's furry chest.

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