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Deviant Otter features horny, bearded cub Devin Totter getting off in his homemade porn videos. He started off in Boston, but he moved to Florida within the last year or two, so there's a lot more outdoor shooting now, which I'm really enjoying. It's been almost two years since our last review, so let's head back and see how things are going.

Devin Totter got started in porn in 2010 as Frat Boy Bradley when he played with the daddies over at Maverick Men. He continued building a name for himself on Tumblr and Twitter, sharing selfies and short videos with his followers. In 2014, he launched Deviant Otter. He's a very cute guy in his late twenties with a scruffy beard and a rock-hard, furry body. And by the way, in bear culture an "otter" is a slender, hairy man, but in Devin's case, I think you could call him an otter or cub. Devin is versatile, and he's into a lot of kinky play. Devin has a partner who usually stays behind the camera doing the filming, but he does appear in a scene every now and then.

When Deviant Otter launched, the site featured a lot more amateur guys, guys Devin met on the street, at the bar or online, who he'd invite to join him in a video. These days, most of the guys seem to be established porn performers. Of the latest eight videos you'll see Jaxx Thanatos, Jace Chambers, Jack Andy, Sean Duran, Ryan Powers, Jeremy Spreadums and Ashland; and there was one amateur guy. His name is Jack Winter, and he's a fit furry guy with a beard who sucks Devin off in an outdoor session. Devin has also played with Jay Rising (aka Matt Wellington), Cam Christou, Matt Stevens, Bravo Delta, Max Cameron and Tommy Defendi. Regardless of whether the guys are performers or not, Devin likes his men fit and furry; many of the guys sport well-defined gym bodies while others are quite muscled.

As I mentioned, Devin lives in Florida now, and his home has an outdoor pool, so the pool and secluded backyard are the backdrop for many of his scenes. He fucks Jaxx Thanatos in the backyard shed, Jeremy Spreadums and Devin swap blowjobs in the pool and lying in lounge chairs. Devin pisses on Cody Winters in the backyard before lying back in a chair for a hot oral sex session, and Devin and Jack Andy fucked each other in the backyard, some of it in lounge chairs under an awning while it was raining.

Most of the action is sucking and fucking in duos, although Devin does the odd solo jerking off or shoving toys up his ass, but it's been quite a while since I've seen one of those. The action is mostly bareback, but there is some condom sex, too. So what about the "deviant" part of the site? Well, Devin and his buddies get into piss play; in one video, while his boyfriend was taking a piss, Deviant Otter kneels and lets some of it splash across his tongue. Devin has been exploring foot play, sucking toes and licking feet. He's had sex in his car, at rest stops and other outdoor locales. The guys play with dildos, too, and Devin has fisted a few times. And he plays with two real-life lovers and tries double penetration. There is the odd threeway, as well.

Deviant Otter now offers 153 scenes, and the site continues to add two videos a month. The episodes aren't dated, but the site generally adds a new scene every two weeks. You can stream the videos in MP4 format and they play at 772x436, which is slightly larger than it has been in the past, and all of the videos now play at this new size. There is a full-screen option and they hold up pretty well, although the older videos lose some sharpness and clarity. And the videos are compatible with newer mobiles. The site doesn't offer downloadable videos and there are no picture galleries, but Devin adds pics of himself on the tour in blog-style posts.

These are homemade videos, and they're shot with a mix of stationary and hand-held cameras. Devin's boyfriend often helps with the filming, but sometimes Devin sets up a camera and films himself having sex with another guy, also using a handheld cam for some good POV action. Sometimes the lighting or camera angles aren't ideal, and this will be an issue for some and an attraction for others.

Deviant Otter has two ways to enjoy the content. There's a monthly membership option that lets you stream as much as you want, which is probably the best deal if you've never been a member before. Or, you can buy packages of viewing credits from 150 to 300 minutes. Most of the videos run between a dozen to just under 30 minutes, so that 150-minute package would last you a couple of months if you only watch the new releases as they appear on the site.

I do have some complaints. There's a pre-checked offer for another site on the billing page, but it's easy enough to opt out. There are no dates on the updates, but there's been an average of a little over two updates per month, and they've confirmed that for us. Deviant Otter removed the cheapest 30-minute PPV (pay per view) option, which was only $9.95. Clicking Blog on the top navbar takes you outside the member area, so when you're done, you'll have to log back into the site or hit the "back" button in your browser, which can be cumbersome if you surfed a number of the blog's pages. Finally, I do miss the old days when Devin played with more amateur guys, but the odd one still shows up now and again.

I've always liked Deviant Otter. Devin Totter's a sexy, hairy guy who knows how to have a good time and loves sharing his videos with his fans. His site is one of those rare finds on the net with real amateur homemade content. What I really liked about Deviant Otter is that the sex is real. The guys grunt away and sometimes an arm gets in the way or somebody's foot kicks the camera, I think that makes it all the hotter and more fun. Deviant Otter's site feels like we're being invited to share in his horny private sexual antics, and this is something that hasn't changed as the site continues to grow. In a porn world jammed with lots of the same old thing, Deviant Otter gives us something fresh and different.

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