Defined Hottie Lance Masters Jacks His Fat Dick Defined Hottie Lance Masters Jacks His Fat Dick

Lance Masters is a long-time fan of the Southern Strokes site and so, when he was recently visiting the South from his home town of Chicago, he decided he couldn't pass up the opportunity to drop in, say hello, get naked and jack off for the camera crew in his porn debut!

So the cameraman sat him down and they started chatting - he was a willing talker and covered just about everything about himself, from his workout regime, to his favourite sports, to who he likes to top for and, being gay, who he will bottom for, all in a matter of a few minutes - a real motor-mouth! But once the nerves calmed down a bit, he readily took the cameraman's gentle suggestion to "turn off" his mouth and "turn on" the site members by getting naked - which is exactly what he did. And boy, is this guy hot! Bronzed, well-defined body, muscular in all the right places, handsome too and, when we get to see inside his drawers, nicely hung with a hard, fat cock and a pair of hairy, free-swinging nuts. He's one for a bit of anal stimulation while jerking off and was quick to lube up a couple of fingers and tease his tight rear entrance with one hand while tugging on his fat cock with the other. When the time arrived for his cum shot, he aimed his pole straight up and fired off a nice creamy load which landed all over his hairy pubes and washboard abs - oh, and he's a real moaner when he cums! Nice debut Lance, very hot!

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