Dario Beck and Rocco Diaz Dario Beck and Rocco Diaz

Dario Beck and Rocco Diaz are a couple of well-dressed Spanish studs, sucking each other's cocks on the patio in third scene of Titan Men's Shag. Rocco feasts on Darioís lip, then licks down his toned, hairy bod to the straining bulge in Darioís briefs. Dario's dick flies out in Roccoís face, his eager mouth immediately engulfing it in an impressive sucking sequenceóhis nose frequently buried in Darioís bush. Rocco nibbles on his foreskin, teasing the shaft before deep-throating it again. Rocco releases his own beast, Dario opening wide to take the thick, uncut beauty in his mouth. The two head inside to enjoy a 69ing session on the bed before Dario gives up his ass to Rocco's thick piece of meat, the top's sizeable shaft completely disappearing in Dario's hungry hole.

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