Daniel Thompson and Malcome Tanner Get Naughty In Class Daniel Thompson and Malcome Tanner Get Naughty In Class

Three horny lads are in class at Coco Dorm, studying a new assignment, when one of them, Arman, gets called to the Headmaster's office to get interrogated about one of his escapades during yesterday's detention! This leaves Daniel Thompson and Malcome Tanner alone and they decide to get some practical experience for this new interactive project they've been assigned - and yes, it's all about fucking!

Both lads are gay and versatile, hung and cut, with delicious brown skin; Daniel being slightly darker than his buddy. And it's Daniel who decides to be the top today too - he flops his 9 inch cock out of his yellow underwear and Malcome takes it in his hand and strokes, licks and deep-throats it enthusiastically. Then Daniel gets Malcome naked and bends him over and toys with his tight little arsehole, fingering it at first, and then getting his tongue deep inside, licking it all round until it is nice and slippery and wet; ready for some cock! He slips his big dick in - in one long thrust - and Malcome moans audibly with the feeling of being so completely filled. Malcome really seems to enjoy being fucked and is soon actively bouncing up and down on his buddy's hard-on. Then Daniel bends him all the way over and really goes to town, plowing that hole with ever increasing speed, until he feels he's close to cumming - he quickly pulls out and busts his nuts all over Daniel's stomach while Daniel finishes himself off by jerking his own load all over his buddy's face!

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