Dallas Steele Fucks Logan Moore Dallas Steele Fucks Logan Moore

Dallas Steele loves sun bathing nude on his balcony, and he doesn't care if anyone sees him. Why would he? He's got a rocking body and a decent-sized cock. And as it turns out, it's often good bait to lure men over for a bit of fun. As Take the Bait opens at Men at Play, we see him lying back on his lounge chair rubbing his body, and ultimately, his cock. The door bell rings, so Steele wraps a towel around his waist and goes to answer it.

He greets Logan Moore who has come to complain: "My girlfriend sent me over because ... uh ... we can see everything on your balcony." Dallas decides to have a bit of fun with this straight man and invites him in to show him the issue. On the balcony, "There ... I can see everything," Moore says pointing to where he lives. "You can see everything?" Steele asks. "But I thought this was about your wife?" Gotcha! The older hunk moves in and drops his towel, and now Moore truly can see everything. Steele pushes him to his knees and Moore gulps eagerly.

Dallas takes Logan inside and undresses the hunk, then lays him back on the bed to have a taste of his stiffening cock. But Dallas really wants this straight hunk's ass, and he generally gets what he wants. He pushes Logan's legs in the air and buries his beard between his thighs, then he slips a finger inside to see if Logan is receptive to more. He is. So Dallas mounts Logan, hooking the hunk's legs over his arms and sliding his bone inside Logan's ass.

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