Check out 42 year old mature hunk Parker! Hard, hairy and gorgeous. His boy for the day is Luke - 18, taut, nubile, very cute and willing. I am a HUGE fan of mature and young gay sex. As long as it's legal of course. This scene we're featuring today from MEN OVER 30 is not only legal, but super HOT! These two sizzling guys check out each other every way possible and start a blazing inferno that will have you twitching with desire in a flash.


Luke jumps up onto Daddy's lap like a good boy should. He knows what Parker wants and is very pleased to serve him. After all, Daddy knows best doesn't he? This pic is fabulous. It gets your suspense worked up thinking about what might be cumming next. Luke looks back at us to make sure we're checking out his young pretty ass. You bet we are!


Oh, Parker gets himself some tight ass-meat to chew on! Major score. I'm betting that our young bloke, Luke, is thoroughly enjoying himself as the experienced Pappa tonge-fucks his sweet hole. I can feel the sensations myself and I'm not even getting eaten out! I can dream though, can't I?


With his knees up around his ears, our boy Luke takes Parker's fat cock good and deep. When Daddy wants a piece, you best give it to him. Luke knows. And he's very happy to oblige his elder. Who wouldn't? Look at that guy. He's got "Top" written all over him. The kind of man that gets you so weak in the knees that you drop to them and serve. MEN OVER 30 is constantly proving they are one of the best when it cums to mature/young scenarios. If you're seriously into this fetish, I highly recommend checking out this sensational site. Now on your knees boy!

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