Cum All Over His Back, Then Shove It Back In Cum All Over His Back, Then Shove It Back In

Super horny straight hunk Zander is back at Straight Fraternity and they have found him a cute new guy, a sexy blonde named Adin, to play with. Adin loves to please his top, is into all kinds of sexy play and loves to get fucked - all-together the perfect gift for Zander!

Things start off hot, as even before the cameras are setup and rolling, Adin is passionately French kissing Zander and groping his sizable cock bulge thru his shorts. The guys take a break from their kissing and laugh when the cameraman interrupts and says "I see you two have already introduced yourselves to each other!" Then the guys get undressed, and Zander lays Adin down over his lap and spanks his cute little butt with a paddle until both cheeks are nice and red. Then Zander stands up and Adin deep-throats his sizable erection, which he does very well, at least until Zander roughly shoves his cock all the way in - balls-deep, that's when Adin starts to choke on it a bit! Zander normally loves oral, but today he really wants to fuck, and before long the guys are back on the couch with Adin on his side with Zander teasing his arsehole with his cock from behind. He sticks it in, and starts fucking Adin bareback. Then they swap positions, with Aden on his back, legs up in the air, and Zander banging fast and furious. But the cameraman wants to see Adin getting his pretty arse fucked from behind, and that's the position that got Zander all ready to pop. The cameraman says to Zander "when you're ready, pull out and cum all over his back, then shove it back in" ... and that's exactly what he did! A super-hot bareback fuck!

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