Fucked So Hard Cody Cums on his Own Face Fucked So Hard Cody Cums on his Own Face

Cody is a horny little fucker. He's been swimming naked in the backyard pool and having his cock floating freely in the water has gotten him hot as hell. Lex is a repair man who has stopped by to fix one thing or another. If you've ever been to Miami in the summer you know how unbearable it gets in the middle of the afternoon. And since this is Mix It Up Boy, Cody invites Lex to cool down in the pool.

Lex isn't going to refuse. He pulls off his overalls and jumps in the pool wearing his boxers. It doesn't take Cody long to make his move. He grabs Lex's crotch saying, "You got somethin' for me, I got somethin' for you." So Lex hops up on the deck of the pool and Cody buries his face in his lap. He's a good cocksucker and gobbles Lex's meat balls deep.

And you know what a guy's like with a hard-on -- he's never satisfied with what he's getting, he always wants more. So while he's enjoying Cody's mouth, Lex is thinking that he'd enjoy Cody's tight little ass a whole lot more. And he was right. Turns out Lex is quite a good fuck too. He drills Cody so hard that the lad shoots all over his own face.

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