Cine-X Threeway Finale Cine-X Threeway Finale

Watch All Five Parts of "Cine-X" at Men at Play

Men at Play wraps up their Cine-X series with a sweaty threeway. Darius Ferdynand is enjoying a porno on the big screen in this adult theatre. Flex likes what he sees so he sits down nearby. Before long he reaches over for a fist full of Darius' stiff cock. The men don't know yet, but another man in the is watching them from the shadows.

This is the fifth and finale part of Cine-X which has been running at Men at Play over the past several months. Ivan Gregory began the series having sex with Denis Vega and Victor Rom in the first two parts, then Dani Robles got fucked by Enzo Rimenez, and finally, Argentinian hunk Emir Boscatto got drilled by beautiful young newcomer Sunny Colucci

While Darius Ferdynand and Flex are getting it on in their seats, businessman Antonio Miracle is watching from the shadows with his cock in hand. At first Darius just blows the executive, but then he takes off all of his clothes and sits on Flex's bone. It's so hot that Antonio empties his nuts on the theatre floor. But he's not finished. Antonio joins the pair, first eating Darius' ass, then fucking it, all the while Darius feasts on Flex's big cock. Both men use Darius' pecs as a bulls eye for their cum loads and Darius blows on himself as well.

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