Buck Gets Austin In His Ass Buck Gets Austin In His Ass

Can we ever get tired of watching a straight guy sinking his cock into another dudes ass for the first time, and really enjoying himself? Nope, and that's what we have in this video from the guys over on the Southern Strokes site. This is one from the archives there, a fan favorite, and I think we can see why. Buck is the more tanned jock with a little buff muscle, and Austin is the meaner looking guy who has never done anything with another fella before. He'd only been in for a solo jerk off a short time before this, but he was really pushed to some new experiences in this fuck session. He gets to grips with Buck's cock and really seems to enjoy the feel and taste of it, but not as much as he seems to love the tight ass wrapped around his meat! He sinks into that hot butt and fucks the cum out of Buck, obviously enjoying every moment of it!

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