Billy Baxter and Hotrod Flip Fuck Billy Baxter and Hotrod Flip Fuck

Hotrod calls in to the Mix It Up Boy studios to get a massage, or as he puts it, "a message", from Billy Baxter. Billy is gay, white, cute and always horny for hung black dudes like Hotrod, so when Hotrod gets naked for the massage, so does Billy!

The massage lasts for less than one minute, by which time both guys are hot and hard for each other's cocks and they start sucking each other off. Billy just loves sucking down on Hotrod's eight incher, and before long has it nice and wet and slippery. Then Hodrod takes control and stuffs his big fat black dick right into Billy's tight little pink arsehole. Billy loves it, even tho it obviously hurts like buggery! Soon tho it is Billy's turn to do some fucking, and he pumps his cock in and out of Hotrod's hole like a man possessed - Hotrod is moaning and groaning with the ecstasy of each thrust, begging Billy to fuck him harder and deeper. When it's time to cum, Hotrod jerks his big black cock all over Billy's face and cheeks and Billy returns the favour by giving Hotrod a cum facial too!

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