Being Watched by the Psycho Neighbour Being Watched by the Psycho Neighbour

Big dick alert! Valentin Petrov and Ty Royal are making out in their bedroom, but they're unaware they're being watched. Their pervy neighbour is peeking through the slats in his Venetian blinds and watching this horny pair of lovers. But this isn't a regular peeping Tom, there's something sinister about him; he's wearing a rubber mask, reminiscent of Hannibal Lecter, and he's chortling to himself. This is Naked Sword's third episode of "A Wicked Game" and we're pulled deeper into this sexual thriller.

Detective Jarec Wentworth fucked his house boy in the first episode, then he headed off to investigate a murder. Newlyweds Ryan Rose and Duncan Black had a fun afternoon fucking on their yacht out at sea, but as Wentworth arrives at their home, Black is lying dead on the bed. Rose seems upset, but not inconsolable like one would expect. And there was that devilish grin he flashed on the boat as they headed back to shore. Did Rose kill his own husband?

I was hoping we'd find out, but the third episode gives us no clue as to what happened to this happily married couple. Well, there is the creepy neighbour watching Valentin and Ty gulping their big dicks, then Valentin shoves his monster in Ty's cute, little butt. The neighbour watches as Ty gives his lover a hard fuck as well, then they both blow their creamy wads all over Ty's smooth chest and belly.

Surprisingly, the pervert didn't unload his nuts. When his neighbours head to the shower, he grabs his keys and a piece of paper and heads out. But as he closes his bedroom door we catch a glimpse of two masked and nearly naked men crawling around his floor like dogs. Is that Ryan Rose and Duncan Black? Or another pair of unfortunate men held captive by this weirdo?

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