Bad Cop Bad Cop

Wouldn't it be great if Hollywood came out with a TV show like this. (Read this next bit out loud with the deep, brooding announcer's voice from all those movie trailers.) Bruno Boni grew up on the streets of Sicily. It was tough life with harsh rules. He learned the hard way that no one really has your back. The only way to get ahead is to take what you want and don't let anyone push you around. Now Boni is a New York City cop and he has his own set of rules. If you screw in his domain, you're going to get fucked. Hard. Bruno Boni is Bad Cop.

Denis Vega did fuck up, he got himself arrested. And Boni drags him through the office and pushes him into the chair in his office. Interrogation time. Boni sits on his desk, props his foot on the chair between Vega's legs, and starts asking questions. "Excuse me," Vega says, "Can you move your foot?" He moves his foot alright. Boni shoves it in Vega's face, then he slaps him, then he grabs Vega's face and grinds it into his crotch.

Boni strips out of his suit and sits on his desk while Vega sucks his dick. It's an impressive curved bone and Vega licks it adoringly before swallowing it. He's hoping that if he does a good job this cop will let him off. But secretly, even if Boni tosses his ass in jail, Vega's enjoying this copper's cock. But this cop isn't sending Vega to booking just yet, he bends this sleazy executive over his desk and shows him why Italians make better cops.

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