"Around Here I'm Judge and Jury." "Around Here I'm Judge and Jury."

Brendon Scott quickly discovers that crime definitely doesn't pay. Not when he finds himself in Office Connor Maguire's punishment liar. Then again, maybe it does pay to be bad, you know, if you're into this sort of thing. This week Maguire reprises his role as Bound God's dirty cop and he's teaching Scott who's the boss. "Just take me to the precinct," Scott begs. "Around here I'm judge, jury and executioner." And so the fun begins.

After this session, Brendon Scott said that the best part was the suspension bondage and flogger. (Personally, I enjoyed seeing Connor whacking Brendon's hard-on with his riding crop.) Brendon is tied up in the rope harness; at first he's on his knees with his hands strung up behind him, and Officer Maguire uses his night stick on the criminal's ass. Then he strings up Brendon and continues fucking him, but this time with his big cock. Maguire swings the helpless bottom back and forth on his hard-on.

Once this nasty cop has had his fun with Brendon's tight hole, he orders his prisoner to open his mouth and keep it open. Maguire jacks his erection and fills his sub's mouth with his creamy load.

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