Marines Alessio Romera & Drake Jaden Fuck Marines Alessio Romera & Drake Jaden Fuck

I didn't know the military allowed their men to wear such unkempt facial hair, must be some new branch called the Scruffy Seals or something. When Titan Men's Upper Hand opens, Marine Drake Jaden is lying back on his bunk, still in uniform, and he's pulled his bone through his fly having a quick wank. When his roommate Alessio Romero interrupts, Drake pulls his shirt over his erection saying, "Sorry about that, man." But Alessio isn't bothered, he sits back on his own bunk, pulls out his hard-on, and joins him.

It doesn't take too much stroking before these two marines are hungry for more than masturbation. Drake kneels and works Alessio's bone with his mouth. Alessio pushes his head on his dick and orders him to go deeper. "All the way down!" he grunts. Drake swallows until his nose in planted in Alessio's bushy pubes. Drake gets his turn feeding his bunk mate, then Alessio asks: "Ready to get fucked?" Drake lubes up his ass and says, "Yes, sir!" then he squats and makes Alessio's erection disappear inside his ass. Alessio lets his buddy have his fun, then he bends him over and gives it to him from behind makes the cot creak loudly. Then on his back, Drake gets his final drilling with Alessio fucking the cum right out of him.

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