Adam Champ Fucks Mechanic Denis Vega Adam Champ Fucks Mechanic Denis Vega

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It's been eight months since handsome hunk Adam Champ has boned butt on Men at Play. He showed up this week in the site's newest release called I.O.U.. He arrives at Denis Vega's garage to collect his regular payment, but business has been slow and the mechanic doesn't have it. That's okay, Champ doesn't mind taking his payment in trade.

When the bare-chested mechanic slides from underneath the car, he sees businessman Adam Champ towering over him. "Ah, Mr. Champ," Denis Vega says. Champ doesn't have time for small talk, he simply unzips his trousers. A look of resignation slips across Vega's face. He gets to his knees and Champ moves in, grabs the back of the mechanic's head and pulls him in. Vega opens his mouth and swallows.

Adam pulls Vega to his feet, orders him to drop his pants, then bends him over the car. Vega recoils when Champ rams his thick cock inside his ass, but the businessman doesn't care. He holds Vega by the hips and thrusts hard. Then the mechanic assumes the position on the garage floor, Champs takes off his pants, and drills Vega's ass. When Adam pulls out and grunts that he's close, Vega rolls over and offers his hairy pecs as the bulls eye. Adam covers them with spunk, zips up, and leaves.

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